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In the first half of the program, civilian intelligence analyst and psychotherapist, Robert D. Morningstar, discussed the disturbing implications of TPP - the Trans Pacific Pact, and the secret protocols which are being hidden from US citizens. He explained that the TPP, which appears to be merely a trade agreement amongst nations, contains a number of clandestine rules which threaten the sanctity of American law and are forbidden from being revealed by members of Congress. According to Morningstar, one such protocol, which has been leaked to the public, requires disputes between foreign corporations to be resolved via "panels of lawyers that would stand above and apart from the American courts." Beyond the legal implications of the TPP, Morningstar theorized that the agreement may also be a covert military coalition aimed at ultimately battling China.

During his appearance, Morningstar also detailed his research into the secret German flying saucer project known as 'Haunebu.' He explained that, for nearly seventy years, researchers have been baffled by the origins of that moniker for the program. However, Morningstar was stunned to see this enigmatic word in the text of the Rosetta Stone, where it is used to describe technologically advanced Aegean people. Therefore, he surmised that the Nazis "came to the ancient alien conclusion" that has grown in popularity in recent years, believing that they were the descendants of these technologists. As such, he said, the flying saucer program was dubbed 'Haunebu' as veritable tribute to these advanced ancient people.

In the latter half of the program, naturopathic physician and author Dr. Rita Louise talked about how ancient gods may have been ETs, as well as the mysteries and symbolism of ancient architecture. She detailed how her latest research has been aimed at coalescing all the various myths and legends from around the world and throughout time in order to create a coherent version of Earth's past. Louise observed that "cultures, worldwide, all basically tell the same story with their own spin to it," marveling that "the commonalities are unbelievable." Additionally, since her work required finding similar stories from disparate cultures, such as Sumerians and Native Americans, Louise expressed skepticism that these were simply tales that originated in one place and spread throughout the world.

Based on her research, Louise has concluded that, rather than simply visiting our planet at the dawn of Sumerian civilization as some researchers believe, the ET intervention occurred 3.8 billion years ago when they "helped to terraform the planet." She pointed to numerous legends and myths where a God is killed and their subsequent body parts are used to create the Earth. Beyond that, Louise noted that the physical descriptions of these entities as well as their alleged origins suggests that there were at least four different races of ETs visiting Earth and interacting with both humans and each other during ancient times. This, in turn, clarifies the myths and legends surrounding battles between the Gods over control of the planet and the human race.

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