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Consciousness & Psychic Abilities/ Disaster Preparedness

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In the first half, scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Dean Radin, talked about the Global Consciousness Project (GCP), as well as his scientific experiments studying psychic abilities and other 'supernormal' characteristics. In operation since 1998, the GCP, developed at Princeton University, looks at how random number generators are affected by major world events. The Project demonstrates that at certain times, large global events change the structure of the random numbers, indicating that a kind of coherent consciousness is affecting their outcome, he explained. 493 events have been studied so far and the odds against the results being chance are 2.8 trillion to 1, he reported.

Radin described some of the "field consciousness" experiments they've been conducting at the Burning Man festival the last few years, using a more sensitive type of consciousness detector. He also touched on a study looking at the neuroscience of mediumship. One of the interesting findings was that the hit rate or accuracy of the medium's readings were significantly higher when looking at the recently dead as opposed to someone who's been dead for a longer period. Radin announced they're conducting genetic tests to study the DNA of people in families who report psychic abilities, as it's long been noted that such skills tend to run in families.


In the latter half, preparedness expert Mat Stein discussed the danger of solar flares, the ongoing debacle of Fukushima, and the militarization and increasing violence in America's civilian police force and the apparent targeting of dissidents in the USA who threaten the great "corporatocracy" of America. If we have an extreme solar event or EMP attack, we could actually have multiple Fukushima-like scenarios taking place if the grid goes down, he warned. "What amazes me," he remarked, "is that they can sell going to war in Iraq on false premises of weapons of mass destruction," but when it comes to a true threat of a huge debilitating solar flare that has a 1-in-8 chance of occurring every decade, it's just ignored.

In Japan, people displaced from the Fukushima accident are being told it's safe for them to return, as it's been "decontaminated" even though they have three million bags of radioactive rubble that they want the former residents to remove, Stein cited. They did similar things in the areas surrounding Chernobyl, he continued, and a million people died, and three million were severely sickened. And now Japan is repeating this "in the name of profit...and the name of restoring faith and confidence in the nuclear industry," he asserted. Stein also addressed the increase of police problems which he associated with more officers taking steroids that can cause them to be violent and unbalanced.

News segment guests: Dr. Gary Ridenour, Jeff Nelken, Jay Weidner

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