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Shemitah Cycles/ Healing & Dreams

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In the first half, historian and expert in ancient mysteries Jonathan Cahn discussed how omens and cycles from ancient texts are reappearing with startling similarities to the events which foretold the destruction and fall of great civilizations. The cycle of Shemitah was originally described in the Bible as a sabbath or rest for the land, and occurs for a one-year period every seven years, he explained, adding that this pattern of sevens predicted 9/11, the crash of 2008, and other previous economic downturns. He translated Shemitah as "shaking" and said the cycle can also relate to periods of natural disasters.

A new Shemitah cycle starts this September 13th and it's actually the culmination of a 50 year cycle-- a kind of super-Shemitah, and it will run through September 2016, he said. This period could include a major war involving Israel that results in a prophetic end times restoration, Cahn continued. At this juncture, "I believe we could be watching a gigantic change of world history," which will include America's downfall, he remarked. Yet, on the positive side, this hardship to the United States has the possibility of bringing about a great spiritual revival to the country, he added.


In the latter half, Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos described how she survived three incidences of cancer missed by the medical community, by relying on her precognitive dreams, in which she received life-saving messages from her spirit guides. Appearing to her as monks in recurring nightmares, they insisted she take particular actions in regards to her medical situation. In one instance, while she was in remission from her first bout of breast cancer, she was told by her guides to ask her doctor for exploratory surgery. The doctor was initially resistant but she finally was able to convince him, and they ended up finding a stage 2 carcinoma, and cancer in the lymph node in a follow-up procedure. If she hadn't acted on the guide's message, it likely would have been too late for her, she surmised.

She is aware when her spirit guides enter her dream state as they appear like "pop-ups" over the existing scene. The guides or eternal teachers (ETs) are able to communicate via a kind of timeless 'Ocean of Gnosis,' an encompassing field that all beings share, she detailed. The guides can act like instructors for the crises and walls that we run up against as human beings in this lifetime, she continued. Kathleen shares a free guidebook on how to access, awaken, and activate your inner guide during the dream state.

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