Jonathan Cahn

Jonathan Cahn


Jonathan Cahn is known for his uncovering of ancient mysteries and revealing their often startling significance to our day and age. Jonathan’s teachings and messages are broadcast daily throughout the United States and the world. He is spiritual leader of the Jerusalem Center in Wayne, New Jersey.




Past Shows:

  • Parables & Prophecy / UFOs Throughout History

    Historian Jonathan Cahn spoke about ancient mysteries and biblical prophecy. Followed by author Barbara DeLong on UFO cases that preceded Roswell.More »
  • Ancient Prophecy / Patterns of Coincidence

    Researcher Jonathan Cahn discussed how ancient inscriptions prophesied the spiritual turmoil in America today. Followed by Dr. Bernard Beitman, who clarified the relationships between synchronicity, coincidence, and serendipity.More »
  • Harbingers of the Future / Transdimensional Origins

    Expert in biblical prophecy Jonathan Cahn spoke about his new film project on harbingers of what is to come. Followed by writer Andrew Collins on ancient shamanic rituals and communication with nonhuman intelligences.More »
  • God's Judgment on America / Open Lines

    Ancient mystery expert Jonathan Cahn examined the harbingers that befell ancient Israel and how they parallel recent events in America. Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program.More »
  • Biblical Mysteries / Reiki & Unicorn Legends

    Jonathan Cahn discussed how current events including the pandemic are tying in with biblical prophecy. Followed by Alfonso Colasuonno on energy healing and Unicorn legends.More »
  • Jubilean Mysteries / Spirit Contact

    Jonathan Cahn outlined 'Jubilean Mysteries' within biblical prophecy. Followed by spiritual medium Carole J. Obley on her contacts with the Other Side.More »
  • Biblical Echoes/ Megalith Mysteries

    Jonathan Cahnargued that current news echoes biblical events. Followed by Hugh Newman and Robin Heath on megalithic monuments.More »
  • Prophecy & Ancient Paradigm/ NDE Transformation

    Jonathan Cahn proposed that a paradigm from ancient times is playing out again in America. Followed by Dr. Mary Neal on her near-death revelations.More »
  • Climate Cycles & Magnetic Field

    Mitch Battros discussed scientific evidence for cyclical climate changes. First hour guest Jonathan Cahn talked about biblical harbingers.More »
  • Ancient Mysteries & Prophecy/ Star Trek Anniversary

    In the first half, author and historian Jonathan Cahn discussed his new work, The Book of Mysteries, which reveals hidden details surrounding such topics as end times, the name of God, ancient Israel, and prophecy. In the second half, writer, producer, and director, Marc...More »
  • Shemitah Cycle/ Mysteries of the Pyramids

    In the first half, historian and expert in ancient mysteries, Jonathan Cahn, offered an update on the cycle of Shemitah, which was originally described in the Bible. In the latter half, author D.B. Stearns discussed his fascination with the mystery surrounding the advanced...More »
  • Shemitah Cycles/ Healing & Dreams

    In the first half, historian and expert in ancient mysteries Jonathan Cahn discussed how omens and cycles from ancient texts are reappearing with startling similarities to the events which foretold the destruction and fall of great civilizations. In the latter half,...More »
  • 9-11 Attacks / Biblical Cycles

    On the 13th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, former professor of Mechanical Engineering at Clemson University, Dr. Judy Wood, appeared in the first half of the show, presenting evidence that the destruction of the WTC buildings was the result of directed energy technology. ...More »
  • Omens & Prophetic Signs

    Historian and expert in ancient mysteries, Jonathan Cahn, discussed how omens from the Bible's oracle of Isaiah are reappearing in the U.S. with eerie similarities to the events which foretold the destruction and fall of ancient Israel. First hour guest, expert on the...More »
  • Depression & Men / Biblical Omens

    In the first half, Dr. John Gray discussed the dangers of treating depression with pharmaceuticals, as well as his work dealing with the future of boys, in a society increasingly hostile to male energy. In the latter half, historian and expert in ancient mysteries, Jonathan...More »

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Contact with Non-Humans / Haunted Port Gamble
Contact with Non-Humans / Haunted Port Gamble
Tom Matte discussed how he sees and experiences contact from non-human intelligent beings. Followed by Pete Orbea who reported on the haunted Walker Ames House in Port Gamble, Washington.


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