Resurrecting the Dead

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Resurrecting the Dead

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People who say they have visited the afterlife challenge everything we understand about death. If death is the great equalizer, how and why are some victims able to come back from death while others are not? Dave Schrader (email) welcomed investigative filmmaker Johnny Clark, and minister and healing evangelist Rodger Frievalt from the TV Series Project Afterlife, to discuss their unprecedented quest to unlock the mysteries of resurrection with help from real people who say they have gone through it.

Clark shared the case of a Nigerian man named Daniel Ekechukwu, who was pronounced dead after a car accident, placed in a mortuary for three days and embalmed. His body was brought back to life at a meeting of evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, Clark reported, noting the incredible event was captured on video. Clark also described an amazing resurrection account witnessed firsthand by cardiologist Dr. Chauncey W. Crandall. His patient, Jeff Markin, had suffered a massive heart attack, could not be resuscitated, and was declared dead. As Markin's body was being readied for the morgue Dr. Crandall felt he should pray for him and was led to shock his heart one final time, Clark recounted. It was then that Markin came back to life, he said. "In all of my cases people have had an experience that points to a higher entity," Clark added.

Echoing a similar sentiment, Frievalt asserted that "miracles, healings, all the things in the Bible are applicable to today, including the supernatural." He spoke about how his work on Project Afterlife had challenged his belief system with notions such as freewill not ending with death but continuing into the afterlife. Frievalt suggested it is possible to extend life, and perhaps even live as long as Moses (120 years), by changing the way we think about death. We can call upon a higher power to rebuke sickness, he insisted. Frievalt also revealed how people who have been resurrected usually come back more tuned into love.

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