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Nazi International/ Paranormal Investigations

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Joining Richard Syrett in the first half of the program, author and researcher Joseph P. Farrell discussed his examination of the Nazi International, an organized "extra-territorial state" with deep financial pockets and penetration within the post-war corporate world. "We're living in a surveillance state, we're living in a national security state, and this is pretty much the vision that was in place with a vengeance in the Third Reich," he said. Farrell suggested the Nazis did not actually lose World War II, as no representative of the Third Reich ever signed documents of surrender and its ideology has continued to permeate the thinking and structure of German power.

Farrell referenced a little known document, the Madrid Circular, which outlines goals of the post-war Nazi geopolitical apparatus. The document boasts about the ultimate failure of America to establish a global hegemony based on the dollar, as well as how the clandestine group will use its contacts in the Islamic world to destabilize the Middle East, he explained. "Germany is going to pursue a very careful diplomacy of ramping up tensions between the East and the West while sitting it out and creating or seeking to dominate its creation of a European Federation," Farrell revealed. The current European Union matches almost point for point, he noted. Farrell warned of a coming final stage of the Nazi International's agenda in which a new Reichsmark zone is created to allow Germany to dominate the economy and politics of Europe.


During the latter half, longtime paranormal researcher Richard Estep recounted his chilling investigations and weird cases ranging from the Tower of London to the 'Hammer House' in Colorado. According to Estep, about nine out of ten cases have natural causes. For the remaining 5 to 10 percent of investigations we simply cannot find a satisfactory explanation, he admitted. Estep shared a story about this grandparents' home, which was said to be haunted by several ghosts, including the apparition of an old woman who had been a former tenant. "She would regularly tuck my stepfather and his brothers and sisters into bed at night... look in on them in a very kind of maternal caring way," he disclosed.

Estep described the Tower of London as the most haunted building in the world. He recounted the tale of one of the Yeoman Warders who brought his son to work and found him playing with two invisible friends during his rounds. Estep noted that the boy was playing in the same tower where two young princes were killed by Richard III, and where their skeletons had been found bricked up behind a wall. He also talked about his investigations of a notorious prison in Southwark, England, called The Clink, the 'Hammer House' in Denver where former tenants had been beaten to death by a hammer-wielding killer, and the Hotel Boulderado where an EVP of an American-accented male voice was heard saying "careful" at a staircase where several people have fallen.