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Horsefly Haunting Case

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Author Phil Siracusa shared his chilling first-person account of experiencing a demonic haunting that surrounds him wherever he goes - known as the 'Horsefly case.' He traced his tale back to a childhood incident where an explosion caused him to have a near-death experience which transported him to both heaven and then hell. According to Siracusa, it was this trip to hell which allowed for demonic entities to attach themselves to him. Over time, his mind began filling with evil thoughts and he experienced night tremors as well as visitations from shadow beings. Siracusa turned to the Ouija Board and dark rituals in an attempt to decipher what was happening to him. Unfortunately, these methods only strengthened the hold that the demonic entities had over him and they followed him throughout his life as he moved from location to location.

In recent years, Siracusa's latest home has become seemingly infested with demonic entities which ultimately led him to enlist the help of paranormal investigators to help study and document his story. Psychic medium Karissa Fleck, who actually lived in Siracusa's home for four months, joined the program in the second hour to discuss her unique investigation into the case. She recalled how the appearance of shadow people and the ominous sound of pacing outside of doors were a daily occurrence inside the house. On rare occasions, Fleck said, she'd wake up covered with bite marks, bruises, and hoof prints all over her body. Additionally, she reported, family members would suddenly begin speaking in Latin while sporting solid black eyes. The presence became so menacing, she revealed, that "there were many times where I felt, personally, like my life might be in danger when I was living there."

Despite attempts to bring in a variety of spiritual practitioners to cleanse Siracusa and his home of the demonic spirits which had attached themselves to him, he lamented that each endeavor only seemed to increase the evil activity. As such, he has decided to cease these efforts to eradicate the entities in favor of a different strategy, which sees Siracusa recruiting various paranormal investigators to learn as much as possible about the circumstances of his case. "I believe, strongly, that if you could put the puzzle together," he mused, "you will have more ammunition for how to remove dark entities." Siracusa stressed that this tactic may prove to be difficult since dark entities are always observing their victims and know what they're next move will be, but he expressed hope that a solution will be deciphered and "I will be the first person to tell the world: this is how it was done."

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