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Psychic Messages/ ET Encounters

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In the first half, psychic, medium, and spiritual teacher Vincent Genna discussed his work and the messages he receives and deciphers from the Other Side. Most spirits show up because they want to make contact with their loved ones and make sure they're doing OK, as well as resolve any unfinished issues, he detailed. The spirits help him with his psychic healing work as well, revealing blockages a living person might be having. When doing this kind of work, Genna taps into a person's energy, and then sends them his positive energy to move theirs along and get them to heal themselves.

The Other Side could be thought of as another dimension with a higher vibrational rate. Spirits often remain in their "memory energy form" while they're interrelating with each other and moving on, he said, adding that "there's a higher soul of you that needs to collect all of your past lives and kind of review you can grow even more." Genna doesn't believe in demonic spirits-- ghosts or lost souls cannot harm the living, as we have more power than them, and if they've gone on to the higher dimensions they are only loving and positive, he explained.


In the latter half, Robert Perala, who's been researching metaphysics, Earth-based anomalies, ET science, and NDEs and event director/contactee Lorien Fenton discussed a variety of subjects including alien abduction and close encounters. Perala described anomalies in the "strange case of Mr. D," an unusual thin man, who believed his original soul had left his body and another entity had taken over. He was able to draw an electrocardiogram by hand (of Perala's dying father), and had uncanny insights into his illness.

Perala also touched on his study of a Polish man's hieroglyphic-like drawings that come during 45-minute transmissions from a group of female entities. Fenton described witnessing various UFOs in recent years. She suggested that the aliens behind them could be thought of as other-dimensional, possibly angelic entities, and the veil between these dimensions is thinning. The two spoke about redefining what it means to be an experiencer/contactee and Fenton referred to herself as an "unconscious contactee" – someone who's had repeated UFO sightings but no conscious memory of encounters with alien beings.

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