Channeling Erik

Channeling Erik


GuestsDr. Elisa Medhus, Kim Babcock, Scott Wolter

Host Dave Schrader (email) welcomed Dr. Elisa Medhus, who discussed how she had never believed in the afterlife until her son Erik suddenly died at the age of twenty and then began communicating with her from the Other Side. Based her background as a physician as well as being raised in an atheist household, Medhus said, she struggled to cope with the loss of her son, since the idea that he could exist elsewhere was an unfathomable possibility. She also recalled having deep reservations about allowing herself to believe in an afterlife because "if I did believe and I found out it was all just a bunch of nonsense, it would be like losing Erik all over again." However her perspective began to change three days after Erik's death when her father called her to report a vivid encounter with his spirit. This revelation led Medhus to begin investigating afterlife research in the hopes of learning "what happened to my son."

One evening, about a month after that, Medhus had her own encounter with Erik. Moments before going to sleep, she suddenly saw him jumping back and forth on the bed. As she watched this unfold before her eyes, Erik realized that she could see him and he rushed into her arms for an embrace. "That hug, it was just amazing," she marveled, "it felt so solid and real." In the ensuing months, Erik began to make his presence known by playfully turning on faucets, locking doors, and hiding objects from his family. Eventually, she enlisted the help of various psychic mediums and spirit translators as a way of establishing a communicative link with her late son. Through these exchanges, Medhus said, she has learned much about how the afterlife works and has lost her own fear of death as a result.

Joining the conversation in the latter half of the program, psychic medium Kim Babcock discussed her work channeling Erik. She revealed that he began communicating with her by first playfully knocking his mother's book off of Babcock's bookshelf and then giving it to her in a dream. In turn, Babcock reached out to Medhus, who was duly impressed with her skills. "She was just so amazing and natural," Medhus said, "the information she gave me was just so him." Babcock attributed this to Erik's bold personality and "crystal clear" messages. According to her, Erik's ability to communicate proved to be so adept that he began assisting her in other sessions in order to help facilitate messages between the Other Side and her other clients. In the final hour, Babcock channeled Erik live on the air for listener calls and questions about the afterlife and their departed loved ones.

Archaeological Enigmas

In the first hour, forensic geologist Scott Wolter provided an update on his research into archaeological enigmas as well as his new miniseries Pirate Treasure of the Knights Templar. He explained that the new series argues that the Knights Templar were not dissolved in 1307 and, in fact, managed to survive for another 500 years under a different name. As such, Wolter declared that the Templars absolutely interacted with pirates and "who was robbing from who is really one of the big questions." During his appearance, Wolter also shared insights into his investigation into the controversial "Lost Tomb of Jesus" as well as his experience working at the Pentagon following the 9/11 attack.



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