Alternative Energy/ STS-48 Footage

Alternative Energy/ STS-48 Footage


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsMike Strizki, Mark Peters

In the first half of the program, inventor, scientist and engineer Mike Strizki, who started and runs a solar hydrogen systems company known as Renewable Energy International, discussed his non-profit organization called Hydrogen House Project which is pursuing clean and renewable solutions to help meet the world's increasing energy demands. "I would like to give the gift of renewable energy to the next generation," Strizki mused, warning that humanity is poised to "consume ourselves into extinction." However, he lamented that the global economy is still encumbered by a vast infrastructure that revolves around fossil fuels and, thus, rebuffs any new technology which threatens the status quo. Therefore, Strizki observed that transitioning to renewable energy will likely have to be a grassroots effort driven by people who are yearning for independence from that system of control.

In discussing his Hydrogen House Project, Strizki explained that the home is entirely run on a device, known as the 'Joule Box,' which splits water into hydrogen and oxygen using solar power. From there, the hydrogen is compressed into propane tanks where it can easily be stored for future use and with no expiration date. Additionally, unlike energy systems which derive power from burning fossil fuels and expel harmful chemicals into the atmosphere, the only byproducts of his system are pure water and pure oxygen. In light of the success of the technology so far, Strizki is currently working on forming a public company to distribute the Joule Box as well as receiving the necessary certifications which would allow the device to be installed at homes in a fashion similar to central air conditioning units.


In the latter half, practicing attorney and paranormal researcher, Mark Peters, addressed the evidence for alien visitation and the reality of the UFO phenomenon. He specifically cited the famed STS-48 video footage which was captured from space shuttle Discovery in September of 1991. "When I first saw this video," he declared, "it sent shivers down my spine." Peters marveled that the film appears to show a pair of UFOs flying at incredible speeds, reversing direction, and even seemingly being shot at from the Earth. He criticized NASA's explanation that the objects were merely ice crystals, arguing that such a claim is unlikely given the speeds and behavior exhibited by the UFOs. In light of his skepticism surrounding the official explanation for the footage, Peters revealed that he is contemplating filing a lawsuit against NASA in order to gain new insights into the making of the enigmatic film.

As to why the UFO in the STS-48 footage was being shot at, Peters theorized that it may have been done to dissuade the craft from visiting the planet because the 'powers that be' want to keep the reality of the phenomenon a secret from an unknowing populace. To that end, he also surmised that the changing of the camera angle during the film was a deliberate maneuver by NASA to obscure the UFO from view after the space agency realized it had been caught on camera. Beyond that, Peters acknowledged the chilling possibility that the craft may have been determined to be hostile to the planet and, thus, the shooting could have been a defensive action. Regardless of the motive behind the shooting, Peters expressed consternation that such actions are being undertaken in secret without the input of the general population.

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