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Natural Healing/ Crossing Over

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In the first half of the program, Dr. Joel Wallach discussed various ailments of the body and the ability to use natural healing without relying on modern medicine. He cited the benefits of natural remedies that aid in the recovery of many diseases that affect us today. If you're missing essential nutrients or not getting the minimum daily requirement, "your body chemistry doesn't work, and so suddenly you start getting symptoms-- you have fatigue, you have no energy, you're not able to function properly when it comes to making decisions...all these things are going wrong," he detailed.

Regarding the problem of chronic migraine headaches, one of the quickest ways to eliminate them is to get on a gluten-free diet, he suggested. Speaking about tinnitus or the ringing of the ear, he related it to a kind of osteoporosis in an area in the skull and inflammation of a cranial nerve. For Lyme disease, legitimate cases are curable within two weeks with antibiotics, but what people call "chronic Lyme disease" is actually gluten intolerance, he stated.


In the latter half, spiritual medium and author, Roland Comtois, discussed how his thirty years of experience as a gerontology nurse, Reiki Master, metaphysical teacher, and grief counselor allow him to bring a multi-faceted approach to health and well-being as well as crossing over, and the dying process. "When I'm standing in front of people, I think heaven isn't up there, it isn't across the street, or in the penthouse, it's right here, it's in the eyes of my 24-year old daughter, it's in the embrace of my friends...heaven isn't in one place or another, it's everywhere," he mused.

The messages he receives from the deceased on the Other Side offer a lot of hope, forgiveness, and information, even in the cases of people that have died under tragic circumstances; and he always asks for messages that will support the healing of the living person he is speaking with. "I want them to know that their loved ones are still part of them, and that they're still there somehow," he explained. Comtois described his process of pre-writing special messages on purple paper that include different scenes and stories, and when he speaks at events, he realizes that some of the messages are meant for specific people.

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