Manipulation of Free Will/ Water on Mars

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Manipulation of Free Will/ Water on Mars

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In the first half, best-selling author Eldon Taylor discussed the many ways in which our culture has been trained to conform and how this agenda serves to distract the masses as well as manipulate their behavior. "The journey of life is really about living into our authentic selves," he mused, suggesting that driving this enforced conformity is an agenda aimed at making people become voracious consumers thereby dissuading them from self-enrichment. This scheme is particularly sinister, he said, because it turns the populace into unwitting puppets that "do what they want us to do because we think it's what we decided to do." Compounding the problem, Taylor observed, is that there is a psychological response once a decision is made where a person will be steadfast in their choice even after being told their choice had been orchestrated.

Taylor detailed a number of ways that people are manipulated through subtle methods which have been proven to work easily. He pointed to the use of words as a potent tactic which allows for opinions to be swayed in one direction or another, such as the ongoing immigration debate which often centers around the argument of 'illegal' versus 'undocumented.' Taylor also expressed concern over how the interactive and dynamic nature of the Internet allows for websites to harvest personal information and habits in order to tailor their offerings to individual users, thus gaining their trust and the ability to steer them in subconscious directions. On how to overcome outside manipulation and regain control of pure free will, he advised people to "become self-examining in a reflective way, not in a judgmental way" by scrutinizing their own opinions and pondering what sort of information or influences may have shaped them.


In the latter half of the program, author and rogue science advocate Mike Bara talked about the NASA announcement that there is water on Mars, the prospect of aliens once residing there, and the latest in space news. While the NASA announcement made headlines around the world, Bara said he was not shocked by the news since "it was something that myself and other people were talking about, in very specific terms, back in 2001." To that end, he suggested that NASA has known about water on Mars for a long time and that the decision to reveal that information to the public now is part of an unknown agenda and timeline that the agency is strictly following. Therefore, Bara was pessimistic that the announcement constituted some kind of breakthrough or change in policy from NASA.

During his appearance, Bara also discussed a variety of recent space news stories, including the enigmatic bright spots photographed on the dwarf planet Ceres. He observed that these areas could be "a city with the lights still left on," since they look "very geometric and artificial." Conversely, Bara was skeptical about theories that the Pluto photographs from the New Horizons probe showed signs of an ancient civilization since the location seems less than ideal for habituation. Regarding the state of NASA, he cautioned that other nations' space agencies appear to be poised to pass the United States due to our lack of commitment towards building new spacecraft that will allow for further exploration of the solar system. "We're kind of just sitting on our hands watching everyone catch up with us," he lamented, "they haven't passed us by just yet but they may very soon."

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi & Robert Zubrin

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