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Conspiracy Update/ Katherine Hayward

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Former Independent governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura is also a former professional wrestler, a movie actor, and a visiting fellow at Harvard Kennedy School of Government. In the first half, he detailed corporate and government conspiracies which he believes are undermining the fabric of the country, as well as opined about the 2016 presidential election. The campaigning for president starts way too early, he asserted. "We need to pass a law that says you cannot even form a campaign committee until the year of the election," he said, noting that multiple senators and governors are missing votes, and not doing their jobs by focusing on their campaigns.

Our elected officials no longer represent the people at all, but rather those who have bribed them, especially their campaign contributors, Ventura remarked. "That's the one refreshing thing about Donald Trump," because he's using his own money, he's not being controlled in the same way as the other candidates. One of the biggest possible conspiracies: Did the Saudis do 9/11 so that the US would overthrow Saddam Hussein as payback for them?, Ventura pondered. "I don't understand why we're involved in a civil war in Syria...I'd like to see us get completely out of the Middle East and bring our troops home," he stated. Politics is a lot like pro-wrestling, he continued-- in front of the camera, the two political parties are adversaries who despise each other, but behind the scenes it's all business, and they're doing it to make money.


In the latter half, expert in the healing power of animal companionship, specifically the human-animal bond and grief recovery, Diane Pomerance, Ph.D., discussed the profound influence of her mentor, Katherine Hayward, a renowned British psychic, medium, healer and visionary. She shared Hayward's insights and predictions including her advice to a relative to cancel a booking on the Titanic, how all life is interconnected, the power of thought, and the immortal nature of our existence. A survivor of both World War I & II, one of Hayward's most powerful messages was that there is no death. By sharing her accurate communications with the deceased, she offered much solace to those who had lost loved ones during the wars, and comfort in the knowledge that their spirits were continuing to exist, Pomerance recounted.

According to Hayward, who worked with spirit guides, all life is one life, operating at different rates of energetic vibrations, "so that we may have amongst us many different beings, creative forces, and powers" that are not visible to our senses, yet still exist. Pomerance also spoke about her work helping children deal with grief over the loss of a pet, which is often their first experience with death. The loss of a pet, which offers unconditional love, can also deeply affect adults, she said, adding that pets and animals provide humans with many profound gifts, which people don't always realize.

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