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Mojave Abduction

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Guest host Jimmy Church (email) welcomed author Ron Felber, who shared the remarkable story of Elise and Tom Gifford, a couple that were kidnapped by what they believed to be a swarm of alien beings in the Mojave Desert. He recounted how their experience took place in 1989, when the Giffords decided to drive their RV into the Mojave Desert and camp there for the night. As they were sitting around the campfire, Tom spotted a UFO which quickly disappeared behind a mountain. Wishing not to alarm his wife, Tom attempted to make small talk and roast marshmallows until Elise also saw the UFO. "As soon as they see the one," Felber said, "in the blink of an eye, there's eight more." From there, the nine UFOs formed a formation along the horizon and appeared to be communicating with each other.

Already uneasy, the Giffords began to panic as "hundreds of shiny objects" filled the sky and subsequently fell to the ground. Chillingly, as the objects descended, creatures with red eyes emerged from the craft, unleashing what seemed to be thousands of entities onto the desert floor. Concerned for their safety, Tom then grabbed a shotgun from the RV and prepared to fend off these entities. However, before he could, Elise heard a subliminal message instructing them to not be aggressive, lest they would be killed, and to return to their camper. As if hypnotized, the duo followed the orders while two grey electrified objects emerged outside the RV and kept them from leaving the vehicle. Now trapped inside the camper, they were astonished to look up in the sky and see a massive craft which discharged a triangular object that seemed to be searching the desert for something.

Suddenly, their RV was surrounded by nine illuminated figures that the Giffords described as about five feet tall with large heads and spindly appendages. These entities began delivering telepathic messages to the Giffords which induced profound terror in them that seemed to be extracted by the ETs as if they were experimenting with human emotions. The ordeal continued for hours, until it felt like their camper was lifted up into the massive UFO and their conscious memories ceased. When they woke up the next morning, the Giffords struggled to comprehend what happened to them and, after a few months, underwent hypnosis to better understand their experience, since strange events continued to plague them. It was at that point that they learned of an additional four hours spent aboard the craft as well as more terrifying insights into their encounter with these entities.

Investigating UFOs

In the first hour, UFO researcher Chase Kloetzke discussed her work designing investigation protocols for MUFON. Kloetzke explained that she drew upon her experience working with the Department of Defense and Homeland Security in order to develop investigative procedures for a "national rapid response unit" as well as a special assignment group for the UFO organization. According to her, the latter group, which was only formed less than a year ago, already has nine active cases, two in triage, and two that have been closed. However, Kloetzke stressed that these investigations are only possible if UFO witnesses report their sighting and, as such, she strongly encouraged people to document their experiences at the MUFON website. During her appearance, Kloetzke also detailed her own UFO encounter and shared her thoughts on disclosure and the state of UFO research today.

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