Alternative Medicine/ Faeries & Unexplained Creatures

Alternative Medicine/ Faeries & Unexplained Creatures


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsDr. Joel Wallach, Ronald Murphy Jr.

In the first half of the program, Dr. Joel Wallach discussed the body and its ability to benefit from natural healing without using modern medicine. Diseases and ailments are often related to deficiencies in various nutrients and minerals, he contends. For millennia, humans unknowingly enhanced their diet with minerals by putting wood ashes from fireplaces into their gardens. However, with the advent of electricity, the population largely stopped burning wood, and now have many more health problems because of the lack of these minerals, he stated.

Wallach declared that people will actually be healthier by not going to the doctor, and can remain in optimal condition by giving the body everything it needs nutrition-wise, as well as avoiding certain dietary items like processed meats, and fried foods. Discussing the condition of gout, he said that it stems from an enzyme/metabolism problem in the liver and suggested that sufferers avoid eating items that make uric acid, including shellfish, legumes (peas/beans), and organ meats.


In the latter half, researcher and folklorist Ronald L. Murphy Jr. revealed how the world of the the fey, or faerie realm, can correlate to many different archetypes including Dogman, Bigfoot, werewolves, Thunderbirds, ghosts, and more. This other realm or "Goblin Universe," bleeds into our world every now and then, he remarked. Sightings of the Dogman, a tall furry cryptid capable of walking on two legs, in locations such as graveyards, and burial mounds, have been a recent fascination of Murphy's. Is it a real physical creature, an animal-human hybrid, or are certain entities' manipulating the witnesses' perception?, he pondered.

The fey realm is essential for understanding some of these transformations, as faeries are said to have the ability to "glamour" or alter people's perceptions, or create projections, he explained. According to faerie legend, there are two types of beings, those from the Seelie Court (blessed, benevolent, helpful) and the Unseelie Court (the damned, mischievous, dangerous), and the latter could be involved in mysterious disappearances, he cited. Murphy noted the similarity of the world of ghosts and the fey, as both involve crossing over a veil, as well as how certain geological factors can enhance paranormal phenomena.

News guests: Jerome Corsi, Frosty Wooldridge, Peter Davenport



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