The Higher Self/ Soul Planning

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Karen A. Dahlman, Robert Schwartz

In the first half, author and psychotherapist Karen Dahlman, discussed connecting with the Higher Self and other realms in order to navigate through life's journey, and tap into one's source. Past life recall can be particularly therapeutic, she said, because the brain can experience it as real, and this causes changes to take place on a physical and mental level. She recommends that people set aside at least 10-15 minutes a day for contemplation and reflection. This could involve programming your dreams before you go to bed, or sitting silently to receive guidance from your higher wisdom-- "the part of you that exists beyond your physical body and connects all the way out to the cosmos to source.

By "plugging in" to our inner guidance system, we can get in touch with source, which could be thought of as an infinite energy field, or like a giant sphere that overlaps between us, she detailed. Synchronicity, through symbols, signs, and connections, is like the voice of the universe, a kind of golden thread that binds us all together and flows through our lives, Dahlman continued. Speaking of her experiences using the Ouija board to contact spirits and other realms, she noted that she only calls out to those who have the highest interest at heart, which helps to avoid lower or negative communications.


In the latter half, hypnotherapist Rob Schwartz talked about how he offers spiritual guidance and regression techniques to help people understand their life meaning. He believes the directions for our lives are set up by our souls before birth, and these plans are implemented and assisted by higher beings, or a Council of Elders. As Schwartz understands it, during the "between lives" phase, the soul creates the new life plan, and then the personality. Interestingly, lives that many would label as failures can be considered as unqualified successes from the viewpoint of the soul, which learns and grows from challenging existences, he noted.

As the soul advances, "what we are doing is shedding density-- we are releasing lower vibrational energies," rising in vibration and "clarifying" into greater light, Schwartz remarked. He outlined five main aspects that relate to how the soul plans out challenges before we are born:

  • Balancing karma-- the need for additional experiences to create a sense of completion.
  • Healing traumas from past lives.
  • Service to others.
  • Experience contrasts, to help understand unconditional love.
  • Healing or correcting false feelings, such as we are powerless or unworthy.

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