Solar Flares, Cancer Treatments, & Noah's Ark

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Solar Flares, Cancer Treatments, & Noah's Ark

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Writer and documentary film producer G. Edward Griffin discussed a variety of his favorite topics including his discoveries about the cancer industry, evidence for Noah's Ark, the frightening effect that solar flares can have on the power grid, and how the Federal Reserve System is primarily responsible for our economic crisis. People are contracting cancer today at a rate that is higher than ever before, in spite of the increased amount of money spent on research. Like the Federal Reserve, we're dealing with a cartel-- the cancer/pharmaceutical industry, he asserted. They control the medical profession, and rather than a cure, they seek a patent-able maintenance dosage, which will keep people alive, but dependent on the drugs, he continued. Griffin detailed how laetrile showed promise as a cancer cure back in the 1970s, but its usage was suppressed.

Griffin worked with the documentarian Patrea Patrick (who joined the conversation for a segment) on her new film project Offline (view trailer). A major solar storm could fry the electrical grid transformers-- and the US has not made steps to protect them, Patrick noted. The number one reason this action hasn't been taken has to do with liability at the corporate level of the electric companies, and not wanting to shoulder the responsibility, she continued. Politicians have stalled as well-- they're trying to create the image that everything is fine, as they organize committees to endlessly study the problem, Griffin remarked.

Regarding his research into Noah's Ark, Griffin has concurred with Donald Patten's theory that the Great Flood was caused by the gravitational interaction between Earth and a large body in space that came close to our planet (probably Mercury). This caused a rolling tide that swirled around the Earth, leaving an imprint upon the psyche of humanity's survivors. Explorers found something 17 miles away from Mount Ararat at about 2700 ft. elevation that is shaped like a boat, and has measurements similar to what is described in the Bible, he reported.

Dreams and Premonitions

First hour guest, hypnotherapist, speaker, and founder of Dream-Life Coach Training, Kelly Sullivan Walden, talked about dreams and synchronicity, and stories of miracles and premonitions that came through people's dreams. She cited the case of Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos, who received messages from monks via recurring dreams about an undetected cancer she had. Dreams can be a pathway to our intuition, and "the still small voice" to our authentic selves, Walden said, adding that even nightmares can be useful as they reveal unbalanced areas or negative aspects that we don't want in our lives.

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