Haunted Houses, Demons, & Dark Arts

Hosted byDave Schrader

Haunted Houses, Demons, & Dark Arts

About the show

Dave Schrader (email) was joined in the first half of the show by forensic psychology and parapsychology researcher Sarah Soderlund, who shared details from a terrifying experience she had at five as well as some paranormal cases on which she has consulted. According to Soderlund, strange occurrences at her childhood home of a kind which scared the neighborhood kids were commonplace for her and other family members with psychic abilities. Things would come out of the hallway—a flash of a hand or face—and then disappear back into the darkness, she noted.

On one occasion, terrifying creatures emerged out of the darkened hall and entered her room, Soderlund revealed. She described their appearance like something from the children's show, In Search of the Wow Wow Wibble Woggle Wazzie Woodle Woo! (video). Soderlund reported on her experiences at an exorcism, where she watched several people struggle to lift a frail 90-lb girl off the bed, felt the girl's cold and lifeless skin, and saw things move beneath her sheets. "It really scared me," she admitted. Soderlund also spoke about her work with violent offenders, and how perception and intention are important factors in paranormal investigation. "I treat spirits like I do people... I give them rules and guidelines," she added.

In the second half of the program, writer Robert Masello discussed his research into the history of occult arts such as necromancy, sorcery, astrology, alchemy, and prophecy, as they have been practiced from ancient Babylon to present day. "People have always wondered about the mystery of the cosmos," Masello said, noting how the dark arts helped people deal with fear of the unknown and provided a rationale for why things happen. He spoke about the use of a sacred circle in the practice of magic, noting white magic aligns with nature while black magic goes against it in order to invoke dark spirits. Masello also reported on a dark artifact known as the Hand of Glory (article), why incantations and rituals are complex and written in difficult to understand language, and his book, Fallen Angels... and Spirits of the Dark.

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