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New World Order Agenda

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Richard Syrett was joined by two experts on the New World Order (NWO), Jim Marrs and Jeffrey Grupp. In the first half, Marrs discussed signs of the NWO in America, such as the Denver International Airport and the Georgia Guidestones. According to Marrs, the people behind the NWO have been working toward a world socialist system since the 1800s. Their goal is to split the world into a few major economic blocks, which can be played against each other to drive profits and control the populace, he explained, noting Europe already has a union, North American is close to having one, and an Asian alliance could occur very quickly.

Marrs commented on inscriptions about population control on the Georgia Guidestones, which liken humanity to a cancer and call for a world populace under 500 million. Marrs pointed to a book authored by President Obama's Science Czar, John Holdren, in which he advocates for totalitarian measures to sterilize the population with infertility drugs intentionally put into the country's drinking water and food. The elite would be the only ones with access to the antidote, he added. Marrs noted remarks made by Prince Philip about being reincarnated as a deadly virus to control population levels.

"They're trying to kill us... they want you dead," he continued. Marrs suggested the planet is not suffering from an overpopulation problem, but rather a concentration population problem with too many people living in certain locations. He also commented on the Bilderberg Group, advocated for a return to paper voting ballots since the electronic voter system is compromised, and suggested the Denver International Airport was built to be the future command center for the NWO.


During the second half, Grupp argued that the United States is a corporatist nation and its people are slaves in that system. "I view that what's called the New World Order is a system of economics where people do not create their own survival resources... people must work for them," he said. A corporatist system is controlled by a handful of people, usually of a very dark sort, Grupp revealed.

The masses at the bottom willingly give their lives to the system to obtain survival goods while the few at the top provide a very diminished existence to them, he explained. Grupp suggested other more self-sufficient systems, such as hunter-gatherers, would allow for dramatically enhanced spiritual development as well as increased leisure time over the current corporatist system. He also commented on the creepy murals in the Denver International Airport which he believes show the miserable state of existence for people living in a corporatized world.

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