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Lost Civilization Evidence

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Adventurer, author and investigator, Graham Hancock discussed his research into an advanced civilization that he believes was wiped out by a series of global cataclysms more than 12,000 years ago. According to Hancock, this ancient civilization seemed to be focused on exploring and developing the faculties of the human mind, such as psi abilities, rather than the technological prowess which is favored by our contemporary society. Despite seemingly being destroyed, Hancock surmised that this civilization "passed down an influence all around the world, which explain the common factors we find in many different cultures" as seen in both ancient lore about global catastrophes as well as mysterious monolithic structures.

Hancock posited that there were two distinct events which led to the demise of this civilization. First, he said, the Earth was struck by comet fragments around 12,800 years ago, resulting in massive natural disasters and radical changes to the climate. A subsequent blow to the Earth by another comet fragment 1,200 years later appears to have been the spelled the end of this once mighty civilization. However, in the interim, Hancock theorized, the survivors of the first event realized that they could be wiped out at any time and, therefore, "they set about a conscious project to preserve their knowledge and pass it down into the future." This can be seen, he said, in the megalithic structures which appear to have been constructed during that 1,200 year window between disasters.

Hancock expressed deep concern that there are additional comet fragments and other natural objects which could eventually hit the Earth and impact our world in the same way that it destroyed the ancient advanced civilization. Unfortunately, he lamented, it appears that very little is being done to prevent such a scenario from unfolding. "We're probably the first civilization on this planet that has the technological ability to sweep clean our cosmic environment," he said, "but right now we're spending the big bucks on military technology." Should such an event occur, Hancock suggested, our technologically-dependent society would likely crumble and the only survivors would be hunter-gatherer cultures. To those fortunate remnants of the human species, he mused, "we would be the lost civilization."

Apollo 17 UFO

In the first hour, researcher Robert Morningstar discussed footage that appears to show a UFO passing behind the Lunar Excursion Module as it was being deployed to the lunar surface from Apollo 17. "It is, to me, the most stunning piece of film to come out of the Apollo program," he marveled, noting that not only does the footage appear to show a UFO, but also contains a reflected reaction of an astronaut seeing the craft while aboard Apollo 17. Morningstar dismissed the possibility that the UFO is an illusion or reflection and stressed that it appears to be self-luminous in the film. While he hopes to have the footage available at his website around Christmas, Morningstar shared some stills of film for the first time with C2C. During his appearance, he also briefly discussed X-ray analysis of JFK which seemingly verified his own research into Kennedy's infamous assassination.

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