Vaccine Dangers/ Visions of the Future

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Vaccine Dangers/ Visions of the Future

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In the first half, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., senior attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council, discussed his work on the dangers of certain types of vaccines. He agreed that vaccines save millions of lives, and it's important for people to get them, "but in order to do that, we need safe vaccines...and a regulatory agency that's honest and transparent...and we don't have any of those things right now," he remarked. In particular, he cited the use of the mercury-containing preservative Thimerosal, which many associate with the rise of developmental disorders like autism and ADHD, as well as SIDS, OCD, asthma, and allergies.

In 2003, Thimerosal was removed from a number of children's vaccines, but it's still contained in the flu vaccine, which countless children and adults receive, he reported. "In fact, Thimerosal has so much mercury in it that if a doctor drops a multi-dose bottle on the floor and it cracks, he's legally required to evacuate the building, and bring in hazmat crews with suits on and respirators," Kennedy revealed. The epidemiological studies conducted by the government and pharmaceutical companies, both with vested interests, have been highly flawed, he added. He also spoke briefly about the assassinations of his uncle, Pres. John F. Kennedy, and his father Robert Kennedy.


In the latter half, professional astrologer, spiritual counselor, energy healer, and clairvoyant, Elizabeth Joyce presented her predictions for the upcoming year, as well as touched on her work into what she calls new spiritual chakras. In addition to the traditional seven chakras or energy centers in the body, she reported that five new chakras became available to humans in December, 2012 and in the coming years these will help them to expand their spiritual gifts. The eighth chakra brings people into service to others, with more psychic skills, and compassion, she explained.

Here are some highlights of Joyce's predictions for 2016:

  • ISIS attacks and chaos will be seen in Berlin, Paris, Rome, London, and possibly Hong Kong and Rio De Janeiro, as well as activity in the United States.
  • A lot of cold weather this winter in New England and Canada, with drought conditions in Australia. Skiing will be impacted in places such as Colorado and New England due to dangerous ice formations.
  • Excessive flooding will hit southern England, a volcano will cause problems in southern Italy, and disruptive storms and tornadoes will besiege Atlanta.
  • The unexpected death of Prince Charles from cancer will rock the Royal Family.
  • In the next 18 months, Japan's southern islands will be covered by water.

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