Aztec UFO Incident/ Tavistock Institute

Hosted byRichard Syrett

Aztec UFO Incident/ Tavistock Institute

About the show

In the first half of the show, guest host Richard Syrett was joined by Scott & Suzanne Ramsey, who have investigated the alleged crash landing of a 100-foot diameter UFO near the town of Aztec, New Mexico in 1948. The Ramseys have interviewed two eyewitnesses and many friends and relatives of original witnesses to the incident. The downed craft was found near dawn by a group of oil workers who were in the area to investigate a brush fire. They were soon joined by a couple from a cattle ranch in the area and a police officer who followed the object as it flew from another town south of Aztec, as well as someone who appeared to be an official from the local government.

The Ramseys allege that the oil workers began climbing over the craft and eventually poked a metal pole though a small opening. A door opened, revealing small bodies slumped over control consoles. Scott Ramsey said witnesses told them that the bodies were "about three-and-a-half to four feet tall" and "looked burnt, as though they were exposed to some kind of pressurized heat." More dead were eventually recovered from the craft and placed in body bags by a group of military types who arrived in the early afternoon. Suzanne said that the men "had no identifying military marks." They separated the civilian witnesses and questioned them extensively before Scott said that they were "threatened with their lives if they talked about it." The officials apparently disassembled the craft and carted it off to a secret facility, which the Ramseys guess may have been the famed "Hangar 18." Scott Ramsey says that he has heard a secret recording made in 1953 where two Air Force officers said that the American public had no right know about the subject of UFOs.


In the second half, journalist and author Daniel Estulin described the secret activities of the Tavistock Institute and its research into psychology, sociology, anthropology and other scientific disciplines in order to find more and better ways to control the minds of world populations. Estulin says we are controlled by and at the service of a worldwide elite whose power goes back "thousands of years." Their philosophy is to render the population submissive and compliant so that the powerful remain in power.

The Institute was founded after WWI and one of its first projects was to study shell-shocked British soldiers. Estulin says that this was in order to find out what levels and sorts of stress could best be used to affect the thoughts of people in wartime as well as peace. He says they discovered that if 65% of the population of a country can be demoralized, the military will lose their morale and will to fight, and this was the reason for the firebombing of Dresden, Germany in WWII, since it had no real military value. Later, Estulin discussed his opinion that the British Invasion of the early 1960s was an engineered attempt by Tavistock and other English powers to break down the basis of "classical culture" and usher in an era of drug use and anarchy in the U.S. Estulin concluded that our best efforts should be to "leave a better world for future generations" by keeping aware of attempts to hijack our creativity and individuality.

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