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Prophecy Update/ Mayan Lore

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In the first half, world authority on Nostradamus and prophetic traditions, John Hogue, returned to update his prophecy alarm as well as review his past predictions for 2015 and share what Nostradamus has foreseen for 2016. One of Hogue's predictions was that by the end of 2015, there would be a major world currency officially in competition with the US dollar, and this has come to pass, as the IMF is now considering another global reserve currency (the Chinese yuan). Nostradamus wrote of a period when there would be a certain configuration of Mars and Saturn, "in the time of a long falling comet," and this could apply to 2016, said Hogue. Nostradamus may have foreseen nuclear tests, or an attack on underground bases with nuclear storage facilities, Hogue continued.

Nostradamus also described a "time of hot winds, wars, and raids--" raids was his term for terrorist acts such as piracy, which Hogue now interprets as a metaphor for the terrorism of Islamic extremists. Hogue suggested that in 2016, the time periods of March through May, and August through September could be especially susceptible for war, and based on a Nostradamus quatrain, he believes an Arab leader could trigger a conflict between the US and Russia during one of these windows. Regarding the election, Hogue no longer thinks Jeb Bush has a chance for the Republican nomination, but that Donald Trump could secure it. He believes Hillary Clinton is likely destined for the presidency, yet of all the Republican candidates, Trump alone retains a possibility to defeat her.


In the latter half, Director of the Maya Exploration Center, Ed Barnhart, talked about the Mayan calendar, archaeoastronomy, and ancient South American culture and religion. The Maya calendar was different from other calendars as it used unique cycles which were combined into a single system of time keeping, he explained. The Maya created a hieroglyphic written language which has greatly contributed to the interest in their culture and lore, though the idea that the end of their Long Count calendar (December 2012) heralded an apocalyptic end of time was a misinterpretation of their ideas, Barnhart relayed.

The Maya had some of the best astronomers of the ancient world, using horizon-based observations rather than telescopes, and were able to develop accurate records of celestial events, he reported. The mysterious disappearance of the Mayas-- hundreds of their cities were found abandoned during the period of 700-900 AD-- may have been due to natural disasters or possibly a large volcanic eruption in Chiapas, Mexico. Barnhart spoke about Khipu, an ancient South American recording system using textiles and knots, rather than paper. He also touched on such topics as the Duende myth about a goblin-like creature, and the persistence of the Fanged Deity, a monotheistic god that was depicted over 3,000 years in various Mesoamerican socieities.

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