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Alien Hybrids

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Filling in for George, Dave Schrader (email) was joined by Barbara Lamb, a psychotherapist specializing in regression therapy with people who claim encounters with extraterrestrial beings. She discussed cases of individuals who believe they are part-human and part-alien. "In 1991, people started coming to me... to find out about their experiences with very unusual beings who were occasionally visiting them and taking them away for an hour or two," Lamb said. She estimated having regressed 1,700 people and noted how during the process the regressed person fully re-experiences his or her extraterrestrial encounter. From her numerous observations, Lamb believes these experiences are authentic and not a psychiatric disorder.

"I tend to consider them very real," she continued, noting how a regressed person is deeply re-living the experience moment by moment. Lamb shared details of her regression of the daughter of a woman she had met in a bookstore. The daughter expressed how she was honored these alien beings had chosen her, and grateful they healed her of some physical problems, she reported. Lamb said she has worked with another woman for 11 year and performed 60 regressions. The eight hybrids featured in Lamb's book, Meet the Hybrids, have all lived previous lifetimes as extraterrestrials, she revealed. In this lifetime as hybrids, of which there are at least 15 types, they are very connected to those beings, she added. Lamb spoke about Cynthia Crawford, a hybrid with unusually large eyes, as well as a woman she correctly identified as a mantis being hybrid.

"Every once in a while the extraterrestrial beings who are with that person in the experience will start talking through the person, the client, will start talking to me," she disclosed. According to Lamb, no matter where the extraterrestrials are located they know a regression is occurring and she is conducting it. They are aware of my work and are in favor of helping people understand what's happening, she said. They want humans to know they exist, are here and interact with us, and that we are all connected, Lamb noted.

Open Lines followed in the last hour of the program.

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