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Chips & Tracking/ Soulmates & Reincarnation

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In the first half, consumer privacy expert Katherine Albrecht discussed the latest news in the rapidly evolving field of tracking technology, and chip implants. A man in Europe recently had a microchip embedded into his hand in order to pass through airport security. The body's natural reaction is to reject foreign implants, so if you have a microchip inside you, your body is going to have to form a protective capsule around it in order to wall it off, Albrecht cited. Having a chip function as a transponder, where it's picking up and amplifying electromagnetic radiation like a cell phone creates an unhealthy situation for the body, she remarked. It's not a good idea to chip your pets either, she added, as between 1 and 10% of laboratory animals that have chips get cancers in areas near where they are placed.

Albrecht warned about new "smart bras" that use sensors to monitor a woman's activities, as well as the practice of women carrying their cell phones in their bra, which can increase the risk of breast cancer. The US has been leading the way to have RFID chips installed in identity documents like passports, but so far it has not been made mandatory in driver's licenses. Avoid "enhanced driver's licenses" which are being pushed in border states, as their installed RFID chips can allow stores to track your identity as you shop, she advised. Albrecht also addressed how current tracking and chip technologies correlate with the Mark of the Beast prophecy in the Bible.


In the second half, publicist, author and relationship expert Arielle Ford talked about the concept of soulmates, their importance in our lives, as well as how these relationships continue on the Other Side, and in various reincarnations. Your soulmates can be people in your life that aren't necessarily your romantic partner, but relatives, friends, or co-workers, and sometimes even people that make your life difficult, as this can be a learning opportunity, she explained. A true soulmate is like a mirror that shows you your true self, and things that might be holding you back, she added.

While we don't need a soulmate, it's a basic human desire for most people to have a strong connection with someone to witness and support them in their triumphs and defeats, Ford noted. Interestingly, in the case of someone who remarries after their spouse dies, and then passes away themselves, the soulmates can all happily coexist with each other on the Other Side, without any jealousies, she reported. Ford also shared that she's received communications from her deceased sister, Debbie Ford (a past guest on C2C). Debbie relayed through a medium that she met her soulmate on the Other Side, and they'd been with each other in previous incarnations.

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