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In the first half, filmmaker and activist Michael Murphy provided an update on his research into chemtrails and geoengineering. Chemtrails are a type of aerial spraying in which various particles such as aluminum and barium are deposited into the atmosphere, he explained. He believes the spraying is being done covertly, as part of a "global government" geoengineering program, which seeks to alter the climate and jet stream patterns. Yet, this agenda, ostensibly being done to combat global warming, is based on faulty climate models, and the particles have deleterious effects, and weaken the immune system, he said.

Geoscientist J. Marvin Herndon recently took tests of rainwater from suspected regions and found evidence for coal fly ash. While this substance could be an effective aerosolized particulate for geoengineering purposes, it's devastating for human health, Murphy reported. The time has come for the public to take an active stance against geoengineering and get it stopped either legally or legislatively, he declared. Toward that end, he is pushing for a lawsuit against those behind the geoengineering process. Further details here.


In the latter half, Arjuna Ardagh, who has traveled the world training more than 13,000 coaches to facilitate "awakening," talked about his latest discoveries working with John Gray on the evolving definitions of gender roles, and how men in particular can learn to live more consciously. In previous decades, male and female roles were very constricted, with women in the kitchen and dealing with childcare, and men living an endurance style of life, where their feelings were kept to a minimum, he cited. But since the breakdown of these roles, there's been a lot of confusion. This is due in part to the innate differences in male and female psychologies, such as how they handle stress, he continued.

"What does it mean to be a man where your actually deliberate, and conscious, and well thought out, rather than simply automatic?" Ardagh pondered. "One of the key ingredients for a man to become a great leader, as well as a great husband and father is developing the capacity to listen," he remarked. He also touched on the liberating practice of spirituality, in which a person learns how to "take space"-- to go deeper than their mind. This can be done through prayer-- connecting with a higher source, or some form of meditation, he shared.

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