Mojave Alien Abduction

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Mojave Alien Abduction

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On Saturday's show, host Jimmy Church (email) was joined by author Ron Felber and married couple Steve and Dawn Hess, whose harrowing nighttime experience in the Mojave Desert is described in Felber's book. As the couple recalled, in October of 1989, they were on a hunting trip, and decided to camp in a remote area. During dinner next to the campfire, Steve saw a bright white light rise over a mountain range and then disappear again. Right after this, nine lights appeared in the sky in an "M" formation and started flashing as if communicating with each other. The Hesses noticed that small rodents that had been running around the campsite disappeared and "out of nowhere, it seemed like the desert became silent," Steve recalled.

The couple then saw thousands of objects that looked like mylar balloons raining down from the sky. As they reached the ground, the things seemed to come alive and began rushing towards the campsite. All of the "implike" things appeared to have red glowing eyes. Steve reached for his hunting rifle, but suddenly received a telepathic message: "Don't resist. Guns are not going to help you." They retreated inside the camper shell for protection. Two apparent cylindrical-shaped "sentries" approached and stayed close to the witnesses though the entire experience.

At that point, a massive "mothership" floated up the valley, with what appeared to be smaller craft flying underneath. Classic "grey" beings approached and surrounded the Hess' camper. They proceeded to put the couple through what seemed like psychological torture and stress that Dawn described as "a bit scientific; as if you were measuring an emotion or measuring a fear." This went on for hours until it seemed as if their camper was drawn up into the huge craft. During regressive hypnosis, the Hesses described the interior of the apparent craft and an "angelic" presence that "set the final tone that everything was going to be all right" recalled Steve. They woke up in the morning and left the site. On the highway, they saw another apparent craft which appeared to be following them. This appearance on Coast to Coast was their first public interview.

Star Trek Web Series

In the first hour, actor, director, and musician Vic Mignona joined Jimmy to talk about his web series Star Trek Continues. The show is an exact recreation of the original 1960s program. Even the sets were built from the blueprints of the original series. The actors are of course contemporary and Mignona plays Captain Kirk. "My goal was to make something that sounded and looked and felt as much as the original series as possible" said Mignonia. His motivation was to "give the original series the ending it never had" since it was cancelled after three seasons--two years short of its five-year mission.

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