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Food Chains & Nature/ Moon Mysteries

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In the first half, scientist, writer, and educator Sean B. Carroll discussed the importance of wildlife and food chains in nature, and their effect on humans. One example he cited is the recent spread of the Zika virus. The virus was first detected in Uganda in 1947, but hadn't really been a concern until recently. The virus' current pathway is through mosquitoes that were accidentally imported by human activity to South America, and as wildlife decreased, the insects turned toward the most abundant mammals on which to feed-- humans, leading to this new health crisis. Another way that humans enter new food chains is by eating bushmeat (wild animals), such as bats that have the Ebola virus, and chimps infected with HIV, he detailed.

Interestingly, biologists have learned that predators can have a big impact on plants and wildlife in the land and sea. In Yellowstone National Park, wolves were reintroduced to the population in 1995, and soon changes in the landscape were noticed, with more trees growing, and new habitats for beavers, and fish. The wolves were controlling the grazers who had "really been chewing Yellowstone down to the bone," Carroll explained. He talked about how life seems to make room for almost any kind of creature, including parasites, and referred to what he called the "Serengeti Rules," as to how nature self-regulates and governs the numbers of animals and plants in the wild.


In the second half, investigative journalist covering the paranormal and UFOs, Rob Shelsky, shared his hypothesis that Earth's moon was a recent addition to the solar system. He spoke of a 'PreAdamite' worldwide civilization that predated the Great Flood and had alien overlords. These aliens created what the Bible called the Nephilim or Watchers, an alien-human hybrid race of giants with elongated skulls, he outlined.

But then around 12,000 years ago, our moon (which he believes is mostly hollow) was brought here "to wrest control of those who were in charge of the Earth at the time" in a kind of ET war, Shelsky conjectured. He characterized the moon as a conquering "death star," whose approach caused bombardments, tidal waves, tsunamis along the coastlines, and "I think the PreAdamites were just hit by one thing after another." As evidence, he cited the destruction of Atlantis in this time frame, and the building of underground caves and shelters. He also noted that there are no ancient maps of the moon, and the Greeks, Romans, and other ancient civilizations all talk of a time before there was a moon.

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