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Aurora UFO Crash/ Quantum Science & Spirit

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In the first half, author and journalist Jim Marrs discussed the Aurora, Texas UFO crash of 1897, which he considers to be the "smoking gun" of the UFO issue. It's early date belies the explanation that it could have been a misidentified aircraft, as it was six years before the Wright Brothers first flew their planes, he noted. The date fits into the context of the 'Great Airship Mystery' of 1896-7, in which a large cigar-shaped object was seen in the skies of numerous American states. The Dallas Morning News reported that the airship hit a windmill on a judge's property and crashed, and that the pilot who died was "not of this world."

The alleged being was buried in the Aurora cemetery (a replica of the headstone is pictured here) but later efforts to exhume the body were rebuffed. He said he investigated the grave, and it appears that government agents may have pulled something, possibly metallic pieces, from the site. Marrs also cautioned that pharmaceutical companies may be moving in on the medical marijuana market. He weighed in on the current US presidential cycle and expressed concern that Trump may end up running as a third party candidate if he's knocked out in a brokered convention, and this will likely give the victory to Clinton.


In the latter half, Mark Anthony the "Psychic Lawyer," a medium who specializes in communication with spirits, addressed the physics behind life-after-death and reincarnation including bio-photons which are particles of light that transmit messages within our cells and may explain the soul, and non-locality. Connecting science with spirituality, he cited developments in quantum physics and Einstein's statement that we are all beings of light. The entire universe is a vast field of a subatomic symphony and everything is vibrating all the time, he added.

Near-death experiencers talk about encountering a light that is perceived as God, and God is often connected with light in various religions, Anthony noted. He pointed toward the pineal gland in the human brain as the site of an electromagnetic field-- a kind of a receiver/transmitter which governs our perceptions of light, as well as the ability to discern spirits and psychic energies. He marveled how Edgar Cayce's readings from the 1930s were quite prescient in that they referred to electrical and energetic vibrations as being associated with God. Anthony also outlined various types of mediumship which he considers to be forms of interdimensional communication.

News segment guests: Tim Ball, Jerome Corsi

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