Planet X/ Time Traveler Journeys

Planet X/ Time Traveler Journeys


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsBob Fletcher, Jason Quitt, Bob Mitchell

In the first half, retired investigative researcher Bob Fletcher talked about his contention that a rogue 'Planet X' or Nibiru is coming our way, and the disastrous effects it could have for Earth. He first became suspicious that something was afoot when he discovered that massive amounts of money were being funneled out of the government and the Federal Reserve. He concluded that these funds were surreptitiously used for the construction and stocking of underground facilities that will house the elite and members of the New World Order, while the arrival of Planet X wreaks cataclysms upon the planet's surface.

According to his sources, the knowledge of Planet X dates as far back as 1983, so the building of these underground facilities has been going on for decades. When Nibiru arrives (he believes it will be during a March-April time frame sometime within the next five years) it will initially come in like a comet. "It's going to be dragging millions of miles of space junk and debris, not even counting the basic four or five moons...we will go through the tail of this thing," and at that point we'll be hit by a savage meteor storm like the fire and brimstone descriptions in the Bible, he said. Fletcher suggested that the US government will initiate martial law across the country before amateur astronomers are able to easily see Planet X in the skies.


In the latter half, author and reporter Bob Mitchell was joined by multi-dimensional 'time traveler,' Jason Quitt, who has experienced stunning sequences of the past and future. Quitt described his adventures as a kind of "vertical time travel" that's enabled by being in an out-of-body state, and accessing the astral dimension. Beings (whom he later learned were his reincarnational/ET family members) guided his trips and took him to various destinations. In one trip to the distant past, he was in a volcanic 'fire world' in which there was a temple. The beings showed him that the Earth has been through five major epochs, and there have been civilizations in all of them, he said.

In one trip to an apocalyptic future, the sky was dark red, and the earth was scorched and desolate. He visited an underground bunker that contained ill people, and saw a prison camp for children. On an earlier journey, he was taken to a FEMA camp, and the families occupying it were grateful and happy to be there, as though they were being protected from something on the outside, he recounted. Quitt also spoke his most far flung trip-- to around the year 2700, when Earth was in the aftermath of a war with two different alien civilizations, and the whole planet was linked by an AI consciousness.

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