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In the first half, investment banker and risk manager James Rickards spoke about the economic outlook and why he considers gold to be a prudent asset to own. The US economy has been growing at a sluggish pace, and a lot of potential earnings are being lost, he said. With the threat of negative interest rates, and banks digitizing cash, investing in gold as a physical commodity, can guard against these possibilities, he suggested. "Gold is the best performing asset class of's up almost 20%...It's also the best performing asset class of the 21st century, easily outperforming stocks," Rickards cited. While there has been the usual price fluctuations that commodities see, gold has been coveted by such countries as Russia and China, who have been stockpiling it in recent years, he reported.

Beyond the importance of precious metals being part of an individual's portfolio, there is also a strategic aspect playing out in the geopolitical sphere. "When you look at the coming collapse of the international monetary system-- this is like a poker game," with the US, China, Japan, Russia, and Europe the main players at the table, he remarked. As far as investing, Rickards recommends the one ounce coins of American Gold Eagles and American Silver Eagles which come from the US Mint, and have a badge of authenticity. He expressed caution about investing in bit coins, and cryptocurrency, since they're so new on the market, their value has yet to be tested in an economic downturn.


Inner shift specialist Candace Talmadge has been a professional writer since 1976. In the latter half, she detailed her practice that enables some people to commune with loved ones who have crossed to the Other Side. She claims this re-connection can serve as a key point in the healing process, allowing the bereaved to find meaning and purpose in their lives. Talmadge described her afterlife healing circle as a profound act of worship and celebration that is different in nature than a séance. "You do the circle because someone has a genuine need and a genuine emotional connection to someone who has passed to the Other Side," rather than spiritual voyeurism or curiosity, she explained.

Incorporating the circle traditions of Native peoples, four to eight individuals gather to help someone that needs emotional resolution regarding a loved one who has died, and spirit guides can play an important role in the process, she noted. The soul, she continued, is a special kind of energy that relates to the ability to love, and the heart chakra center. "Interestingly enough, focusing on the afterlife often helps people live far more in the moment in this life because they realize and appreciate what a gift and opportunity this life is," she concluded.

News segment guests: John Curtis, Howard Bloom, Neil Slade

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