Nuclear Sabotage/ Predictions & Houdini

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Nuclear Sabotage/ Predictions & Houdini

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For 30 years Scott Portzline has researched sabotage and terrorism of nuclear power plants. He warned that a meltdown was imminent at Fukushima after the quake in Japan. In the first half, he covered recent news of ISIS targeting nuclear plants and the status of many distressed nuclear power plants in the US, and around the world. The latest concern is with Belgium's nuclear facilities. "They have reason to worry," he said, "because there's been drones launched over the French and Belgium nuclear plants, possibly doing surveillance...and no one knows who's been putting these up." We know that one of the Paris bombers was watching a chief nuclear officer for a facility in Belgium where they make radioactive isotopes, possibly for some kind of hostage or extortion scenario, he reported.

Further, there was a case of sabotage on a turbine at the Belgian Doel nuclear plant near Antwerp. What's worrisome about Russia, with their economy on the downturn, is that some of their scientists might sell nuclear material or secrets on the black market, he cautioned. Regarding Fukushima, it's been five years since the Nuclear Regulatory Commission learned lessons from that disaster, and still new safety measures haven't been incorporated into US' plants, Portzline lamented.


In the latter half, Canadian based psychic Anthony Carr, who has been called a modern day Nostradamus, shared his past and current predictions. He also discussed his extensive knowledge of the legendary escape artist Harry Houdini. Carr's father taught Houdini how to dive in deep water, a skill that the master magician would use over and over again for his underwater escapes. Houdini was barrel chested and could hold a lot of air when he was underwater, Carr noted.

Describing how his psychic visions come to him, Carr said he sees a flash or a frozen picture without audio. In his vision of the Taj Mahal, he saw death, fire and sabotage-- it turned out that the attack he was seeing wasn't on the magnificent marble structure, but the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai, which is designed like the historic site. In December 2000, Carr's predictions for 2001 were published by the Toronto Star, and seemed to point to the awful events of 9/11. He warned of a "cataclysmic cosmic event...a sign in the heavens. It will shock the whole world. It could be like a bolt of lightning or in the form of a UFO." As far as new predictions, he foresees a breakthrough in Alzheimer's treatments, the development of euthanasia centers, and astonishing revelations to come from hidden chambers in the Egyptian Sphinx and pyramids.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Peter Davenport

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