UFO Enigmas & Australian Case

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UFO Enigmas & Australian Case

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Author and radio host Greg Bishop, who has been researching and writing about strange phenomena for over 25 years, joined George Knapp in the first half. He discussed various angles of the UFO enigma-- including the US government's cover-ups and disinformation efforts, and his personal experiences with agents such as Rick Doty. While embracing a skeptical viewpoint, Bishop said in close encounter cases, he's convinced there's an external, intelligent stimulus that's not human, but that the ET hypothesis doesn't seem to be the most likely explanation. Interestingly, he noted that those who have close encounters with UFOs often undergo great changes in their lives. Some experience beneficial effects such as becoming more spiritual or compassionate, while others suffer negative upheavals.

As an example of government disinformation, Bishop cited the MJ-12 documents-- Majestic 12 was an alleged secret committee set up by Pres. Truman to deal with UFO issues in the wake of the 1947 Roswell crash. He believes the papers were leaked to "see who would believe what, how those rumors would spread, and how it disseminated itself through the UFO community...and foreign intelligence." He also contends that the Project Serpo account (dealing with an alien-human exchange between Earth and the planet Serpo) was a hoax, but may have been a covert attempt to pass codes back and forth. Regarding the current situation of Tom DeLonge being given UFO-related information by government agents/employees to disseminate to the public, it's difficult to determine the accuracy of what he's being told, and the motivations for them doing so, Bishop commented. He also touched on the case of Paul Bennewitz, crop circles, and the work of Jacques Vallee, and John Keel.


In the latter half, UFO researcher Bill Chalker, talked about one of Australia's most remarkable UFO incidents. 50 years ago this month in Melbourne, more than 200 students and teachers at Westall High School witnessed an unexplained aerial object that was pursued by five other craft which circled the object. There was evidence that one or two of the craft landed and left behind physical traces. What has made the case difficult to investigate is that there was likely a "heavy hand of officialdom that seemed to come in and almost shut down the case," both as a cover-up and to quell an element of hysteria at the school, he detailed.

One of the witnesses that Chalker interviewed, Victor Zackary, said he climbed over a fence and encountered two of the objects at close proximity, which had landed on the ground (view forensic drawing). He felt heat coming from them, and the objects started to rise up-- one of them flew around the Cessna that was flying overhead, and then took off a high speed. The other object took off and landed in a wooded area, and some of the students crossed the road to get a closer view, he recounted. According to reports, one of the female students, Tanya, was found unconscious at the site, and was taken away by authorities. Chalker also updated his investigation into the DNA testing of an alleged human-alien hybrid hair sample, and spoke about his research into UFO light phenomena.

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