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Past Life Regression/ Open Lines

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Licensed marriage and family therapist Ann C. Barham is also a certified regression therapist with training in transpersonal psychology, hypnosis, therapeutic imagery, and trauma release modalities. She discussed the power of past life regression therapy to unlock a healing pathway that can help resolve enduring personal issues, and answer spiritual questions about one's life purpose. While "the veil of forgetfulness" (not remembering our past lives) is there to help us focus on our current lives, the value of doing past life work emerges when you're getting stuck with certain dynamics or approaches that you can't get past, and may be residue from a prior existence, she explained.

In hypnotic past life therapy, she directs clients toward the issue they want to work on-- and they often report on narratives, intuitions, and physical blocks. She anchors them into a specific past life experience, by first having them describe their shoes and physical appearance. Eventually, she takes them through "the death experience" of a previous life, and into the state they were in between lives, as well as drawing on spiritual guidance from higher beings. Talents that come to you naturally may be an extension from a previous life (though not necessarily the most recent past life), and birthmarks can be indicators of an injury from a prior life, she cited.

Barham conpared past life therapy to building a mosaic or tapestry with the various lives-- "we might work on one part of the picture for a few lifetimes...and then go work on another part." In one particularly shocking past life memory, a client relived an existence as a young woman in Spain in the 1500s, who had written a love letter to a female cousin. She was an illegitimate daughter of a King, and the letter was considered a great sin, so her hands were cut off with a wheeled machine. People have endured a lot of suffering and tragedies in past lives, though there are also moments of great spiritual love and support, she noted.


Midweek Open Lines followed in the latter half. Jeremy in Detroit recounted how he needed funds for his first 'Mission' trip, and was told he could have a discarded box at a mold clean-up site where he worked. It turned out the box contained an old Nintendo console that came equipped with some rare video games, which he discovered were worth hundreds of dollars on Ebay. William in New York shared an interesting theory about ghosts, suggesting that some apparitions or activity could actually be caused by the traveling souls of people during their sleep state.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Howard Bloom, Christian Wilde


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