Secret Space Program/ Lost Treasures

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Secret Space Program/ Lost Treasures

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In the first half, author and journalist Jim Marrs discussed the latest on the secret space program and alleged missions to Venus using covert technology. The data uncovered by hacker Gary McKinnon led him to believe that there was some credence to claims of a secret space program. Eventually, Marrs met with a naval officer who told him that he'd been on secret spaceships. "He said they'd given him an operation that allowed him to breathe and operate in a facility on Venus." There seems to be fairly good evidence that there may be a deep space military presence, Marrs surmised, adding that there's been rumblings of bases on the moon and Mars for years.

According to the naval officer, the rationale for the Venus outpost was to protect the Earth. "The big question becomes, protect against who or what?" Marrs pondered. He is less concerned with the possibility of an actual alien invasion than a "false flag" attack, in which governments or the elite use technology to create the appearance of an ET invasion in order to curtail citizens' rights. He also updated his work on a sinister population control agenda, and hidden ancient history, as well as announced the working title for his next book: Shadow of the Illuminati.


In the latter half, crime scene investigator by day, and forbidden archaeology buff by night, Paul Rimmasch, updated his latest research on Montezuma's lost treasure, the lost gold mines of the west, and the hidden history of the Aztecs, as well as shared an inside view of law enforcement practices and investigations. The Uinta Mountain chain in Utah has a lot of legends associated with them, including secret gold mines, guarded by Native Americans, he reported. In 1849, Indian Chief Walker sought to meet with Brigham Young and the Mormons. Walker said he had seen one of the men in a vision quest, in which he was told to give the gold to the "High Hats" (which correlated with the style of hats some of the Mormons wore).

Subsequently, Thomas Rhoads was sent by the Mormons with a few pack horses on several occasions up into the Uinta Mountains, and each time he returned to Salt Lake City with 50-60 lbs of gold, and wasn't gone long enough to mine it, Rimmasch noted. He also recounted the Aztecs' battle over their gold with the Spanish conquistadors, and the enduring legend that Montezuma kept their main treasures hidden somewhere in southern Utah-- the Spaniards made numerous futile attempts to find it.

News segment guests: John Lott, Lauren Weinstein, Steve Kates

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