Time Travel Cases/ Open Lines

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Time Travel Cases/ Open Lines

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Filling in for George, Jimmy Church (email) was joined by author Larry Flaxman for a conversation on the topic of time travel. Both Flaxman and Church were featured in the recent History Channel special, Time Beings: Extreme Time Travel Conspiracies. According to Flaxman, at sleep the body suspends its notion of time which allows for a kind of mental time travel. He remained skeptical about physical time travel, however, and outlined some of the challenges associated with it. "Our technological means absolutely [does] prevent physical time travel," he said, pointing to the theorized massive energy requirements to make a device travel through time.

Flaxman commented on time travel in popular culture, noting there is an allure to traveling back in time to witness historical events or to fix past mistakes. He did not necessarily rule out the existence of time travelers but suggested they, like some have hypothesized about the elusiveness of Bigfoot, could exist in a different dimension of reality. He pointed to technological leaps after the Roswell incident and anachronistic artifacts, such as the Saqqara glider and Dendera battery, as potential proof time travel has occurred.

There are significant challenges associated with time travel, and some speculate if it is at all possible, one could only travel as far back as to when the time travel device was invented, Flaxman continued. He pondered the negative implications of time travel, including the butterfly effect and grandfather paradox, as well as some moral dilemmas raised by changing the past. He suggested it might be necessary to establish a governing body to police and protect the time line. Flaxman also briefly discussed his strange time-related experience when he and his paranormal group lost two hours with no recollection of what happened during that time. "It's like a piece of my existence has been carved out," he said.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Several callers phoned in to share their thoughts on time travel. Margaret in Omaha, Nebraska, told Jimmy about a time shift/bubble experience. According to Margaret, she and a friend went out for a drive in early September 2007 and witnessed a never-ending display of fireworks around them. Margaret reported tracking the fireworks to where she believes they originated only to find an empty ball field. "It was like the 4th of July all around us except for where we were at," she said.

French truck driver Jack suggested it is not possible to travel in time to the future. "The future [doesn't] exist because every moment I live I create my future," he said. Jeff from Wisconsin recalled a deja vu experience he had five years prior to attending a Tesla/Def Leppard concert, where a certain event played out exactly as he had foreseen. In between sets several guys in blue shirts carried out a silver drum set, he disclosed, noting he was watching from the same perspective as he had seen in his deja vu experience.

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