Sacred Principles & USA/ History of Remote Viewing

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Sacred Principles & USA/ History of Remote Viewing

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Stephen Dinan, is the CEO of The Shift Network and also directed and helped to create the Esalen Institute's Center for Theory & Research. In the first half, he discussed his plan for helping America grow beyond its current challenges and lead the world toward peace, sustainability, health, and prosperity by promoting a return to the sacred principles cherished by America's forefathers. The planet is shifting to a new paradigm for understanding reality and society, a more sacred worldview that includes spiritual teachers, enlightened businesses, holistic health and plant medicine, he detailed.

He suggested proposals to combat the "toxic political culture" in which the left and right have taken opposite stances, creating a warlike, polarized environment. For instance, by raising the minimum wage (a goal of the left), you can decrease the size of government and tax burdens, while increasing personal responsibility-- priorities of the right, he cited. Dinan also mentioned #cut50, a bipartisan initiative to reduce America's prison population by 50%, and the idea to dissolve the Federal Reserve and move to state-owned banks, which is being successfully done in North Dakota. Further, he recommended "Solutions Councils," grassroots groups that collaborate with government to discover and replicate innovative programs around the world.


In the latter half, writer and physicist Russell Targ and film director Lance Mungia talked about their new documentary Third Eye Spies, which tells the untold history of the US government's use of psychics in intelligence gathering, beginning with Stanford Research Institute's Remote Viewing program in the 1970s and 80s. After more than two decades and $20 million spent at SRI, we showed that ordinary people visiting our laboratory could learn to accurately describe and experience what was going on at distant places, even for locations thousands of miles away, as well as into the future, Targ explained. While the gifted psychic Ingo Swann, with his protocols, is considered to be the 'father of remote viewing,' it was psychic Pat Price, who shocked the testers with his uncanny accuracy of targets around the world.

Mungia's documentary begins with the cemetery in North Hollywood where Pat Price is buried-- in an unmarked grave. Price, who was recruited from SRI to work for the CIA, was able to remote view the inside of a secret vault at the NSA and and read off code words. His near omniscient abilities probably made his employers nervous or wary, Mungia surmised. The documentary also features early archival footage of the SRI program and its participants, such as remote viewer Hella Hammid, a non-psychic "who got better results than anybody," Mungia noted. The sheer weight of multiple people's testimonies from this era really lends credence to the reality of remote viewing and its possibilities, he added.

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