Astrological Predictions/ Demonic Oppression

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Astrological Predictions/ Demonic Oppression

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In the first half, astrologer Mitchell Scott Lewis, who specializes in financial astrology and medical chart interpretation, discussed what he sees in charts for America, presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and election day, as well as what he sees coming in the year 2020. Right now, America is going through a difficult period, in relation to the positioning of Saturn and Neptune, which contributes to a feeling of fear and restriction, he said. "The fear of immigration, guns, and financial problems is taking over, and there's not enough logic coming into it," but "the good news" is that "the Saturn/Neptune square completes in September," and a more positive astrological aspect returns, he continued.

With the current Saturn-Neptune aspect, both Clinton and Trump are running on fear, and clamoring for power. He predicts though, as cooler heads prevail in the fall, Hillary will win the presidency, and on election day, November 8th, the moon will be in Aquarius, which may help her. But for whichever candidate wins, he foresees just a one-term presidency. Looking ahead to the year 2020, America will experience one of the most stressful astrological aspects in 50 years, with Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and Mars all conjunct in Capricorn on America's Pluto, he noted. However, if the country makes the right choices leading into this year, the outcomes won't be as bad, Lewis commented.


In the latter half, novelist Debbie Viguié spoke about her study of demons, and her passion for helping others to find freedom from their oppression and harassment. There are different types of demons-- the rarest are the fallen angels who are usually orchestrating things on a larger scale, she said. The vast majority of what people encounter are what Viguié called "created demons," which can be made by the fallen angels, or even by people themselves. These demons might manifest themselves as whispers or shadows, and are generally trying to scare, distract, or intimidate a victim, she explained.

She characterized demons as a specific type of energy form, rather than a spirit or ghost. Viguié has conducted successful exorcisms on afflicted people and houses, though she's experienced a variety of attacks on her body such as scratches and bites. People can often get demons to leave through their own power and authority by issuing strong verbal declarations such as "In the name of Jesus Christ...I command you to get out!" she cited. Viguié also talked about her book series "Robin Hood: Demon's Bane," which re-imagines the Robin Hood mythos in a supernatural context.

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