GMO Battles/ Demonology & the Paranormal

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GMO Battles/ Demonology & the Paranormal

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In the first half, leading spokesperson on the health dangers of genetically modified foods, Jeffrey Smith, talked about the epic battlefronts on the war for GMOs including the fight over glyphosate in Europe, and the DARK Act which concerns GMO labeling for foods. The Senate and House just passed the bill (bill S.764), and while it claims to put labeling into law, it actually has huge loopholes in it, allowing most items (such as processed foods) to escape the GMO labeling requirement. He advocated calling the White House and asking for President Obama to veto the bill. Smith cited some of the health problems associated with consuming GMO foods, including digestive disorders, allergies, and brain fog.

The tide is starting to change in the conventional food industry, with many companies such as Dannon, Campbell's, Del Monte, Hershey, Post, and General Mills touting that many of their products are non-GMO or soon will be, he reported. Smith also detailed the global battle going on over Roundup herbicide by Monsanto, which is sprayed on many GMO crops. The World Health Organization said its active ingredient (glyphosate) causes human mutations, and probably cancer, but other committees disagree. Several countries in Europe tried to get it removed from the market, but the European Commission went ahead and reauthorized it for the time being.


In the latter half, paranormal investigator and demonologist Andrea Mesich described working with cases of demonic possession and infestation, as well as commented on the current state of paranormal research. During an infestation case (when a demon became rooted in a person's home, but had not taken over their body) she visited a local Catholic Diocese, and began learning exorcism techniques from them. In one case, she was able to catch photographic evidence of a demon, which had an animalistic face with human features.

When investigating cases of demonic attacks, she looks for a variety of types of evidence, as well as ruling out mental illness. "That's why you have to have medical and psychological staff, as well as people who are well trained in exorcisms on hand during an actual exorcism," she remarked. Mesich said that the burst of media attention into the paranormal such as on TV shows and the Internet was initially a boon to the field, but then become somewhat harmful as it's perceived more as a form of entertainment. And to further cloud the field, an increasing number of apps and technologies allow people to readily hoax or fake ghostly evidence, she lamented.

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