Life & Technology of David Adair/ Spirit Guide Channeling

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Life & Technology of David Adair/ Spirit Guide Channeling

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An expert in space technology spinoff applications, David Adair, is also known for his account of extraordinary experiences at Area 51 as a mere teenager. In the first half, he discussed his fusion engine technology, the Gamma Ray Creation project, his Wi-Fi Wireless project, and the completion of the documentary about his life and work. For the Gamma Ray project, he proposes combining an in-vitro machine and a cloud chamber (which uses gamma rays), in order for a gamma ray to hit the egg at the moment of conception, which in theory could create a genius child. He also detailed his wife's fatal illness, a mysterious wasting away syndrome that was similar to the case of Landon, "the disappearing boy" that was covered in the news.

Adair, who was a rocket prodigy as a child, said he was invited to Area 51 to view an exotic craft in 1971 (further descriptions in his 2003 C2C appearance), which had electronic crystals that channeled plasma. From there, he developed a fusion containment configuration with coiled magnets that would act like a black hole. Upon testing, it left a huge white vortex behind, ripping through the atmosphere in seconds, he said, adding that such technology, if properly developed, could send a craft to Mars in a matter of minutes.


In the latter half, certified hypnotist Tim Bartley along with psychic medium Christina Hill, spoke about their work channeling wisdom from spirit guides, including dialogues with their clients' guides, as well as their own. People have on average between three and seven individual guides throughout their lives, and everyone has the ability to communicate with their guides, they said. Time is of the essence, Bartley added, because they've been told by their guides that a solar kill shot, such as foreseen by remote viewer Ed Dames, is a coming reality.

Hill works mainly with a spirit guide called Athella, who has dictated a book through her called Light Streams. Some people may have acquired spirit attachments (deceased spirits that haven't crossed over) that use the living as a kind of battery in order to linger, Bartley detailed. Such attachments can be quickly released or dispersed during their sessions with clients, Hill noted. Bartley shared a spiritual protection exercise that involves envisioning light coming in through the top of your head, as you float inside a balloon that has mirrors reflecting out, which bounces away negative energy.

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