Violence and Self-Defense/ Prophetic Perils

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Violence and Self-Defense/ Prophetic Perils

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In the first half, President and CEO of the International Combat Martial Arts Federation (ICMAF), Bradley Steiner, talked about self-defense, law enforcement issues, and the psychology of violence. Behind the increased reports of police-related violence, he cited the decay of our culture, and "by and large, an overwhelming number of people who no longer have a clear sense of morality...and they resent the fact that there are authority figures who'll curtail them...with necessary force when they behave badly." He also believes that there's a concerted effort to undercut local law enforcement so that federal authorities can take over what they're doing.

Steiner offered practical tips for people to avoid danger when walking around a city, such as being mindful of where you're going, and crossing the street if you see unsavory people coming your way. Instead of packing something like pepper spray, he recommended carrying a handful of aquarium gravel in your outer pocket, to throw in an assailant's face if necessary. He also suggested techniques that could incapacitate an attacker, such as kicking them in the knee. One of the basic rules of self-defense is to never allow a suspicious person to remove you from the initial scene, he added.


In the latter half, researcher Holly Deyo discussed her new book Prophetic Perils, which details biblical prophecy and the specific signs to watch for that match current events. The Bible has already had some 2,000 prophecies that have come true, and there are around 500 more that mostly concern 'end times,' she suggested. There are six different types or areas of the signs-- society, nature, world events, technology, spiritual, and Israel, she listed. Events are speeding up, becoming more violent, and happening closer together, such as earthquakes which have been more destructive and deadly in recent years, she reported.

She also pointed to the potential devastation from volcanoes and supervolcanoes such as the one at Yellowstone, which has a 55-mile long lava pit. The recent cycle of four blood moons, which landed on Jewish feasts was "a Biblical Tetrad" --an extremely rare occurrence that she views as another prophetic omen. Deyo also cited changes in the sun that could lead to another drastic 'Carrington'-type solar storm, actions being taken by the New World Order, the potential for famine, and new wars in the Middle East and Israel. For more, check out these graphics she shared with us.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Jerome Corsi

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