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Politics in the Digital World/ Success Strategies

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Evan Siegfried has served as a communications consultant for many high-profile political campaigns and runs Somm Consulting. He discussed the current political climate and how the first generation of Americans to grow up in a digital world are changing everything from how we go to school, consume, get healthcare and even vote. In the first half, he began by pointing out that millennials have passed up baby boomers and minorities as the largest voting block and the largest workforce in the country, and that any political party that wants to win needs to address their concerns. He characterized this generation as those born between 1981 and 1996 and perhaps the most thrifty demographic since the Great Depression because of the crash of 2008 which he characterized as "a shocking and scary real-life notice" that the economy could fall apart at any time.

Siegfried believes that the internet and technology are moving so quickly that they are "breaking down social norms." For example, many people become uncomfortable when their friends don’t respond online immediately, and Siegfried also mentioned that Uber has just started deploying a fleet of driverless cars in Pittsburgh. "We’re living in an early sci-fi movie now" he said. The desire of millennials for ease, immediacy and above all, choice has also led to the development of what is being called "telemedicine," in which users can consult online with a certified physician who has access to medical records within five minutes of a request and can determine if a physical visit is warranted. Siegfried thinks that the coming presidential election has turned off most of the eligible 20-30 year-old voters because they feel that the candidates do not address their concerns. He emphasized that millennials want the world to conform to their expectations, and are willing to do what it takes to make this happen.


Former information technology advisor for Microsoft, Chad Cooper is now a professional life coach whose clients include corporate CEOs, elite entrepreneurs, and athletes. In the second half of the program, he shared how we can use not only the latest technology to get ahead, but ancient wisdom and spirituality to truly succeed as a human being in this life. As in many self-evaluation strategies, Cooper said the first step in changing your life is to admit that there is a problem. He believes that 97% of the world is in denial about their lives and what they need to do to improve it. Cooper reached the age of 35 and decided to retire, since he was satisfied with his achievements, but soon realized that so many people were asking him how he had made his successes, that he decided to "break my formula for success down and work it backwards" in order to help others.

Cooper emphasized that one of the most important ingredients for success is time management. "We have 168 hours a week," he said, and the way we manage these hours will determine how successful we can be. His clients are looking for a way to start living their dreams, and Cooper estimates that he spends an average of five years with each one because that is generally how long it takes for successes to begin stacking up. A balance of the physical and spiritual is also important for continued happiness, he says. Cooper also believes that material gain should not be a primary goal and concludes that "we are spiritual beings living in 3D world."

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