Zika Mosquitos, UFOs and WWII Aircraft

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Zika Mosquitos, UFOs and WWII Aircraft

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Earthfiles investigative reporter, Linda Moulton Howe opened her segment with a report on the spread of the Zika virus, how it may have mutated since its discovery in 1947, and the potential for more widespread infections. Linda interviewed Dr. Jason Rasgon from Penn State University who said that the outbreak in Brazil now numbers in the "millions of cases." Dr. Rasgon noted that Zika seems to have the potential to cause not only birth defects, but brain and nerve damage in otherwise healthy adults. Next, she spoke with Dr. John Brandenburg, who will be giving a lecture at the 2016 Space Conference on his theory that a thriving civilization on Mars was completely destroyed some time in the very distant past. Brandenburg has detected two radioactive isotopes in the atmosphere of the Red Planet that he says could only have come from a massive, planet-killing pair of nuclear devices. He believes that some people in the space program suspected this 40 years ago, and thinks that "there is going to be a discussion of this in public" very soon.

Next, Linda described a mysterious spate of aircraft incidents in the U.S. throughout the 1940s, and in particular, a famous crash in which actress Carole Lombard lost her life on the night of January 17th, 1942. Researcher Paul Blakesmith has uncovered previously unreleased files relating to the incident and revealed that there was a UFO sighted in the vicinity of the aircraft when it began to lose control and power and veered off course. A local witness said he saw a yellowish light in the area and that Lombard’s aircraft seemed to be experiencing engine and electrical problems before it impacted the granite face of a mountain about 25 miles southwest of Las Vegas.

Some of the records and reports on this crash are still sealed and have not been released even 75 years after the fact. Based on her research, Linda speculated that the US government had a something like a "shoot down order" policy on UFOs until too many of our aircraft crashed as the result of some sort of retaliation by ETs and the policy was discontinued in the early 1950s. In the last hour, Linda took calls from listeners. Kathy called to say that she had seen a TV program in the 1990s on which the Rev. Billy Graham said that he would like to minister to alien life forms when he passed on. She said that the show cut away and when they returned, Graham was gone.

Kelly Maroon joined George for the first hour to talk about the Akashic Records and the souls and spirits of animals. Maroon defined the Records as "the blueprint of our souls since the beginning of time" and which she claims that she can access when she is channeling. They are not physically "stored" anywhere, but are a metaphysical concept. She says that anyone can learn to channel for themselves and ask direct questions of "spirit guides." In some of her sessions, she said that she started receiving messages from animals, who told her that they were also a part of the Records. She and George agreed that animals have souls and Maroon expanded on the concept to state that each species also have a "collective soul" in addition to their individual souls.

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