Oswald's Secret Life/ 'Close Call' Open Lines

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Oswald's Secret Life/ 'Close Call' Open Lines

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Former advertising executive Ed Haslam discussed the complicated story of Lee Harvey Oswald before the JFK assassination and his summer of secrets - the five months he spent in New Orleans in 1963 as an agent of both the CIA and the Mob, while getting money from the FBI. He also detailed how this relates to the 1964 murder of a cancer researcher, Dr. Mary Sherman, the contamination of the polio vaccine, and our current cancer epidemic. Sherman's work mutating monkey viruses for a cancer vaccine may have been co-opted into a secret bioweapons project, and it appears that Oswald worked on this mission, and may have been tasked with unleashing this kind of weapon on Fidel Castro, Haslam reported.

There is clear evidence that Oswald was an intelligence operative not the "lone nut" portrayed by accusers in the JFK case, he continued, outlining some of the intertwined players on the New Orleans scene: In his first week in New Orleans, Oswald intercepted science student Judith Vary Baker at the post office and spoke in Russian to her. The following day he introduced her to David Ferrie (implicated by Jim Garrison in the JFK assassination) and they discussed Mary Sherman, who then showed up at a party at Ferrie's house, a few days later.

Oswald was killed in front of a police station after the JFK assassination in order to silence him, as he could have revealed many secrets as to who was behind the conspiracy, as well as details about the bioweapon project, Haslam argued. He further conjectured that Oswald was initially brought back into the US by Bobby Kennedy, the Attorney General at the time, so that he could spy on the Mafia for him. Haslam, along with George Noory, and other guests including Jim Marrs, and Judith Vary Baker will be appearing at the upcoming Lee Harvey Oswald Conference in October in New Orleans.


Open Lines were featured in the latter half, with a special topic of 'close calls' and near death experiences. While walking on a train track looking for recyclable metals, John in North Carolina described narrowly missing a commuter train that came whizzing around the corner at 60 mph. A US soldier in Iraq, Robert in Anchorage, shared an account of being a sitting duck in a slow towed convoy under sniper fire from rooftops. Jeremy in Arizona told of the sudden voice of God telling him to buckle his seat belt, just before he rounded a corner into a head-on collision. Veronica in Irvine also felt an intuitional voice. She had taken her young son in a stroller to a Mexican restaurant, and the voice told her to move away from the area where a wrought iron chandelier was being worked on. The chandelier came crashing down, and if she had stayed in her initial spot, her child could have been decapitated.

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