Dark Galaxy, Animal Mutilations, & ET Encounter

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Dark Galaxy, Animal Mutilations, & ET Encounter

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Earthfiles investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed a new type of astronomical telescope known as the 'Dragonfly' which has discovered a "dark galactic twin of our Milky Way Galaxy;" recent unexplained animal mutilations, and eyewitness testimony of a triangular UFO in Iowa that seemingly sent out telepathic communications. In her first two segments, she spoke with Yale Astronomy Professor Pieter van Dokkum, who said that one reason the telescope is called 'Dragonfly' is that its lenses are in a hexagonal pattern that resemble an insect's compound eye. The new telescope revealed the surprising finding of a galaxy similar in size to ours, yet it's composed of 99.99% dark matter with only a few stars. More here.

One of the most anticipated breakthroughs in astronomy is the new James Webb space telescope set for launch in October 2018, which has a stated goal of being able "to see the first light." The successor to the Hubble, van Dokkum said they are very excited about the Webb as it will provide a clearer view of very dim objects such as the dark matter galaxy. He also talked about the cannibalistic nature of galaxies, and that the Milky Way was actually in the process of devouring the Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy. Further info.

This past August, a horse in Coomera, Queensland near Brisbane, Australia was strangely mutilated, with its legs cut off after it was dead and then left behind near its body, horse breeder Carolyn Greer detailed. Linda reported that between May and September 2016, 60 bloodlessly mutilated cats and foxes in the counties of Surrey and Kent, UK have been reported to the police. In her fourth segment, she spoke with "Mark," a retired factory worker from Cedar Rapids, Iowa who described his bizarre 1978 encounter with a ball of light that descended from a UFO onto his truck. He felt as though he was in a kind of force field, in which thoughts were transmitted into his head, and he saw alien humanoids with bulbous heads who seemed to appear in the force field. More here.


Ian Punnett Update

First hour guest, former C2C host Ian Punnett, who has been working on his PhD from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University, talked about his new book "A Black Night for the Bluegrass Belle," which details the 1936 murder of his family member Verna Garr Taylor. The murder suspect was the former lieutenant governor of Kentucky, Henry Denhardt. Ian also shared his latest adventures with a cross country move that unfortunately included having his wallet stolen at a gas station in New Mexico. Ian will be making two public appearances promoting his book, the Harlan Haunt Fest on October 15th, and the Kentucky Book Fair on November 5th.

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