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Zeta Messages & Planet X/ Open Lines

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In the second half, emissary to the extraterrestrial Zetas, and lifetime contactee, Nancy Lieder, returned to C2C. She shared messages from the Zetas, including the latest revelations about Planet X or Nibiru, and addressed how predictions by the Zetas are coming to fruition related to plate movements, volcanoes, and an Earth wobble. Nibiru could be considered a hybrid between a planet and a brown dwarf and is on a 3,600-year sling orbit between our sun and a dead dark star, she outlined. It's a gigantic planet that has its own heat and light source and is inhabited by the Anunnaki race, she continued.

Additionally, Nibiru has some 2,000 moons that trail behind it and form long tubes, and "the sunlight ricochets down those tubes and comes out like a flashlight pointing toward Earth" that people detect as bright orbs around the sun, she stated. "We are poised at this point to say that Nibiru is parked next to the sun," she announced, "just where the Zetas said it would be, and they [astronomers] are going to find it on the Dark Energy Survey," which can see objects closer in.

An Earth wobble is becoming increasingly obvious, and is caused by the passage of Planet X, along with a eventual pole shift, leading to coastal flooding from enormous tsunami-like waves, she warned. Lieder also believes that electro-magnetic pulse mishaps are on the increase due to Nibiru's approach, and cited crashed planes and electric trains (the recent Hoboken, NJ train crash) as evidence. Further, she contends a massive cover-up is taking place, and the President Obama failed in his efforts to admit that Nibiru is a real and present danger. For more, check out this page of related images/info she provided.


Open Lines were featured in the first half, with many callers reacting to the final presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Dave, truck driving through Pennsylvania, expressed concerns about various forms of voter fraud. Eric from Indiana believes that the saturation in movies and TV about the "zombie apocalypse" could be conditioning for something akin to that actually happening, citing that Homeland Security and other government agencies have bought up millions of rounds of ammunition. Kalli from Santa Cruz spoke about the issue of student debt negatively affecting some 43 million US citizens, and how the Green Party's Jill Stein is the only presidential candidate who's promised to get rid of it.

News segment guests: John Curtis, Howard Bloom, Lauren Weinstein

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