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Black Knight Satellite

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Writer & filmmaker Damon T. Berry joined Jimmy Church (email) for the full show to reveal what he thinks are clues about ancient technology and the cycles of destruction that Earth has endured for millennia. He says that this technology is somehow related to the enigmatic "Black Knight" satellite. Jimmy opened the program quoting a news report that the Great Pyramid was recently reassessed as having no connection to the pharaoh Cheops and it is now a mystery who built it, or why. While visiting Egypt a few years ago, Berry had a strange experience-- when he touched the Sphinx his "eyesight and everything went black" and he fell to the ground. After recovering, Berry said he could "see and hear things" in hieroglyphics and other religious texts, which he believes are multidimensional in nature.

Berry says he has noticed a pattern in the archaeological record that indicates ancient man had more knowledge than is generally agreed by historians and archaeologists. In the period from 13,000 to 10,000 BCE, Berry has noticed that many apparently advanced civilizations flourished and disappeared. He pointed to information that indicates the Easter Island Moai statues, neolithic cave paintings, and the mysterious city of Göbekli Tepe were all contemporary to each other in this period. Berry believes that information was encoded into these places and their artifacts to give us clues on how to survive a global catastrophe by using ancient ideas and technology. He said that "every 5-10,000 years, civilization is wiped off the face of the Earth" and coded messages were left in many places in order to help us.

There are clues, Berry believes, that point to a stargate or other type of dimensional or interstellar travel device that is still hidden in a pyramid or covered in many tons of earth or snow. If we can find this gateway, we can possibly escape an extinction which Barry says corresponds to the Mayan cycle of 5124 years. He also thinks that humanity needs to work together using the clues left behind by vanished civilizations, and that some of these clues are present in artworks throughout the ages. An Italian fresco painting from the year 1600 shows what Berry and others believe to be a "Sputnik"-type satellite placed between images of God and Jesus. He thinks that this was due to the artist "going with his conscience" to provide future generations with information that space technology is nothing new, rather than using the painting as a simple depiction of religious themes. (See images.)

Berry thinks that the enigmatic Black Knight satellite, which supposedly stations itself in a polar orbit from time to time around the Earth, communicates with some object, machine, or facility that is stationed in one of the polar regions. It has existed for over 60,000 years, Berry says, and is depicted in ancient cave paintings and drawings, as well as hinted at in depictions of Mayan kings with what looks like Bluetooth headsets in their ears and other religious depictions of humans with elongated ears and apparent devices. Berry concluded by emphasizing that what is needed now are "starships," meaning spacecraft that can withstand the heat of stars in order to use them as gateways to the rest of the universe.

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