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Belcher Island Killings/ Supernatural Canada

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Author and researcher Lawrence Millman joined George Knapp in the first half to discuss a bizarre story of faith gone horribly wrong in the frozen north of Canada. While still a child, Millman said, he began his education as a naturalist and writer. This drew him to gather stories of the Inuit and other arctic dwellers. In his research, he happened on the history of the Belcher Islands, which is a remote area on Canada’s Hudson Bay. Millman said the indigenous people of the area were essentially isolated until 1916, when a mining engineer named Robert Flaherty was shipwrecked and spent a winter in the Islands. He produced the famous documentary Nanook of the North, which showed the lives of the native people in a manner that was somewhat fictionalized. In 1941, a major meteor shower occurred. The starving and desperate people took this as a sign and began to take Bible passages too literally and the society began to break down.

The local shaman became convinced that he was "Jesus" and named their best hunter as "God," and that anyone who didn’t believe him must be killed. By the time the frenzied rampage ended, nine people were dead. This was significant in an area where the population was just 170 at the time. The man named as "God" began to doubt what was going on and told an outsider, who called in the Mounties. After a court trial, the perpetrators were banished to the mainland, which Millman said was "worse than execution" for them. Millman lamented that the Belcher Islands are now completely connected to the outside world and recalled that he received an email from an old Inuit man a few years ago who wrote, "Now everyone is screened in, me too" meaning that everyone was looking at computer screens.


Canada is a hot spot for paranormal activity, according to paranormal investigator and medium, Dawn Hunter Clark. In part two, she began by telling George about her Catholic upbringing and the rejection of all things paranormal, but that she later visited a Catholic priest who gave her "the permission to move forward" with her passion for research. Clark recalled growing up in a haunted house with lights that stayed on when unplugged, a painting that flew off the wall, and a chilling episode when a voice told her to get out of her room, which later that night was the site of a fire that nearly consumed the home. She also said that the film The Shining frightened her greatly because she identified with the psychic child character and made her realize that others shared her experiences. She thinks that some children "have heightened sensitivities" and are closer to the spiritual world.

Clark was asked to investigate paranormal disturbances in a private residence. She said she searched the building and after a psychic flash, asked the couple who owned the home where their Ouija board was hidden. She believes that the boards are "a tool that shouldn’t be messed with" and related the story of a man who was told via a "talking board" to build a factory that made more of them. She says the man became very successful, but died in an accident at the factory ten years later. Clark believes that "the spiritual world is more powerful than we realize" and that sometimes, people cannot turn off manifestations once they have been invited into their lives. Near the end of the program, Clark described a UFO sighting she experienced where a small red light "turned into this huge white light" and suddenly disappeared as she stood directly beneath it.

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