Astro-Acoustics/ Disclosure Update

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Astro-Acoustics/ Disclosure Update

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In the first half, Academy Award winner, and one of the most admired sound and film editors in the world, Walter Murch, was joined by his co-author Lawrence Weschler to discuss gravitational astro-acoustics. Murch has been rehabilitating a long discredited 18th century theory, the Titius-Bode law, which posits a distinct and mysteriously compelling pattern to the way planets and moons array themselves across the solar system and beyond. Murch discovered a connection between Titius-Bode and even earlier astronomical notions, of a kind of musical harmony in the heavens.

Murch further realized, Weschler recounted, that 80% of the moons and planets in our solar system (as well as some exoplanets) follow the placement of the Titius-Bode formula, and that the relationship of these moons and planets line up in a type of acoustic harmony. Murch played the musical ratios of the planets' orbits from Mercury to Pluto, and it yielded a harmonious celestial sound. "If you think of the solar system as a kind of a landscape, and if you allow the landscape to have an undulation to it so that there are valleys and crests, and that the planets are orbiting in the valleys of this landscape, then they will not orbit or orbit for long if they get too high up on the crest," Murch explained.


In the latter half, lobbyist and truth seeker, Stephen Bassett, discussed the latest in his effort to end a government imposed embargo on the truth behind extraterrestrial related phenomena. After years and years of trying, we came quite close to genuine disclosure with the possible election of Hillary Clinton, he cited, adding that some 500 articles, including by major newspapers such as the NY Times, had been published by June of 2016 connecting Hillary to the ET issue, and the Rockefeller initiative. In the last year or so, there were approximately 15 occasions that Secretary Clinton, her campaign manager John Podesta, Pres. Bill Clinton, and President Obama all made carefully crafted statements about the extraterrestrial issue, Bassett noted.

One of those statements was made by Hillary on the record to a New Hampshire newspaper reporter, in which she vowed to get to the bottom of the issue, and that "we may have already been visited, we just don't know." In contrast, Donald Trump has never said a thing about the ET issue, and the Republicans in general have not spoken much about it in recent years, Bassett lamented. The American people are tired of lies and misrepresentations and deserve the truth, he continued. Bassett's former publicist is a Washington insider and has connections with some of Trump's top people, and he has started a crowdfunding campaign to rehire her so she can reach out to her contacts in the new administration.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Andre Eggelletion


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In conjunction with his show appearance last night, Steve Bassett has started a GoFundMe campaign, in order to rehire his public relations liaison to pursue contacts within the new White House, about ending the ET truth embargo in 2017. Visit the page here.

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