Federal Reserve & Global Warming/ Mind Manipulations

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Federal Reserve & Global Warming/ Mind Manipulations

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In the first half, writer and documentary film producer G. Edward Griffin weighed in on a variety of topics, including the role of the Federal Reserve System and how it affects the economy, the notion of man-made global warming, control agendas by the elite, and alternative cancer approaches. He suggested that wealthy investor and philanthropist George Soros "is financially behind most if not all of these revolutionary groups that are out there, breaking windows...calling for an overthrow of the government." Such "revolutions" are tools of the elite, he contended-- they are not sided with the right or left, but what they want is turmoil and chaos so that people will call for martial law and then they can exert tighter control over the populace.

The Federal Reserve is not a government agency, but rather a banking cartel, which only seeks to advance the interests of the cartel, he remarked. While he doesn't favor Bitcoin replacing our money system, Griffin said he likes it because unlike our fiat currency, it has built-in limits. He recently organized a conference called "Global Warming, An Inconvenient Lie," in Arizona, featuring experts speaking out against the idea that climate change is caused by humans. In June, he'll present the Red Pill Expo in Montana, a gathering for truth-seekers.


In the latter half, author, and expert in subliminal communication, Eldon Taylor, discussed the many ways in which our culture has been trained to conform and how this agenda serves to distract the masses as well as manipulate their behavior. There are many subconscious processes that people aren't aware of, and government and marketers have spent billions to learn how to plumb the depths of the unconscious, he cited. Using magnetic resonance imaging of the brain, he said, it's been shown that people's decisions are made six seconds ahead of the conscious mind, which calls into question the notion of free will.

People are increasingly living in media echo chambers, taking in sound bites that reflect their own viewpoints, and political stances, rather than looking at news in an independent fashion. If there's an agenda of control being applied, and people are aware of the techniques being used on them, then they can be empowered, he continued. "If you're going to have any kind of free will...you're going to have to take time to discover what's in your own subconscious, and look at the things that are motivating you, and what the psychological underpinnings are," he added.

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